We Need Writers

writingteamBlackHairKitchen is set to take over the Black hair care scene. And we need your help!

BHK is looking for writers to cover all aspects of Black hair care. As women of color we don’t have a real outlet that speaks to the diversity in our hair care. Sure there are several websites for the natural hair community, but what about when you need information on a weave? No one over here is shading the sister with the relaxer. What if you want to figure out how to achieve Rihanna’s latest hair cut or how to get the perfect bob like Michelle Obama? Makeup and beauty tips for the lady on a budget? Can I get it on a website that is easy to navigate and offers thorough information? That is what BlackHairKitchen is here for!

If you would like to be a part of the team, just shot us an email [info(@)blackhairkitchen.com]. Please include what category you would like to primarily write for (natural, relaxed, wigs, weaves, braids/locs, healthy, beauty) with a short writing sample or link to your best article and a picture of yourself rocking a style that fits into your category of choice. We ready to get this ball rolling and do some things, so join the BHK team! I promise it will be a fun ride.

BHK Wants Your Hair Story


What’s your hair story? BlackHairKitchen wants to hear it and share. Show us your unique style and inspire others along the way. Whatever your hair texture or type, BHK wants to celebrate the versatility of Black hair. Be a part of the celebration.

Send us email hairstory(@)blackhairkitchen.com with 2 High Res images that show your best hair style and a short paragraph about what makes you unique, how you choose to style and what your inspirations are. We’ll get back to you!

Serena + Venus Williams: iPhone 5 Ad

williamsPut a smile one your face and enjoy this ad from the Williams sisters. The ladies are looking lovely. Many props to Apple’s longstanding advertising agency, TBWA! Continue reading “Serena + Venus Williams: iPhone 5 Ad”

How to Buy Hair at the Beauty Supply Store

Although virgin hair is the current trend, the price of virgin hair doesn’t fit into everyone’s budget. We’re on the verge of a fiscal cliff, barely out of a recession and although the job market is improving it’s just not that same as it was when Clinton was making late night talk show rounds playing the saxophone. So rather than stretch yourself thin to try or leave beyond your means by trying to fit in with all the ladies who are rocking 30 inches of some exotic hair, make due with what you have. It’s not about how much you spend because you can make inexpensive hair look great.

Here’s a quick video, that shows you some of the basic human hair selections that are available at most beauty supply stores: Continue reading “How to Buy Hair at the Beauty Supply Store”

How to Make a Full Lace Wig with Closure for a Protective Style

I made a wig and it is fly.com! Most YouTube tutorials show women who wear wigs but leave their edges out. For those of us with coarse natural hair that’s not an option. You don’t want to relax part of your hair just to blend with a closure nor do you want to go through the heat damage to flat iron the hair to match the texture of the weave. So making a full wig is the perfect option!

Continue reading “How to Make a Full Lace Wig with Closure for a Protective Style”

That Ain’t No Mongolian Hair, Girl: What’s the Real Deal with Your “Virgin” Hair Extensions?

VirginHairTruth“Virgin hair” is a term synonymous with premium weave, and in recent years, the growing trend has been to precede the term with an exotic location. Peruvian virgin hair. Brazilian virgin hair. Mongolian virgin hair. Filipino virgin hair. Cambodian virgin hair. Pick a country and you can find someone peddling hair from that region, giving it the mystique of being the ultimate premium virgin hair that has the perfect texture and luster to match the textured hair of black women. But what does any of this really mean?

Well, to be quite honest with you, there are no hard facts about where any of this hair really comes from. For the most part, you are simply taking the word of the particular vendor you are purchasing your hair from or whatever your favorite YouTube guru has endorsed you to purchase. However, with the abundance of exotic virgin hair (and people saying the following: “ooo im mongolian and i did not ever know we did hair extentions!”) and the latest advent of Russian virgin hair on the market, one does have to scratch their head and wonder if this is simply anything more than a marketing ploy.

Continue reading “That Ain’t No Mongolian Hair, Girl: What’s the Real Deal with Your “Virgin” Hair Extensions?”

The Division in the Black Hair Community

Team Natural or Team Relaxed? What started out as women cheerfully showing pride in their locks has turned into another divisive tool amongst women of color. Last week I wrote two articles for Madame Noire; the first article was about having realistic expectations for natural hair, which sparked a nice conversation amongst women with different textures and how they were learning to work with their hair. The next day my article was posted on how to wear a good weave on a budget, and boy oh boy, did I cause a firestorm on the Facebook page. Almost immediately someone asked why we weren’t encouraging women to wear their real hair. And thus it began a mini comment battle between women who enjoy wearing extensions and relaxers and women who enjoy toting natural hair. No one realized that the author (me, of course) giving advice on weaves was someone who had been natural for many years, just a day after providing tips for those with natural hair.

Continue reading “The Division in the Black Hair Community”