Hair steaming is a GREAT thing for ladies with the extra coarse hair. DarkerthanBrown recently reviewed the QRedew steamer which she has implemented as part of her regimen for her 4C hair and I had to hop on the bandwagon right after her. Steaming is great because specifically helps with some of our biggest problem areas when it comes to 4C hair.


1. Moisture preservation – steaming opens up the follicle and allows moisture/products to better penetrate the hair shaft.

2. Shine/luster – you’re not going to get a ton of shine or luster, but you will notice a change in your hair. Paired with the right product, steaming will give your hair that nice luster we are so often chasing with 4C hair.

3. Moisturizing – did I say that already? It’s just so much easier to moisturize your hair when steaming is part of your wash routine.

4. You use A LOT less product. Your hair will be softer and more manageable without having to saturate it with product.

5. Promotes a healthy scalp which in turn promotes hair growth!

Really the biggest thing is you will see a significant difference in the moisturizing process, which is paramount for anyone with a similar hair texture to mine. Your hair will be easier to manage and style — all with a 20 minute steaming session added to your routine.

I LOVE the Q-Redew steamer because it’s so simple that I have absolutely no excuse not to use it. I fill it up and I can steam my hair with out much setup or mess while watching TV, laying in the bed. It’s great. I steam to deep condition my hair. I steam to reset my hair. I steam to re-moisturize my hair. I steam just about any time I need my hair to be damp and that saves me on having to wash my hair just to do a new style. I steam my face, trying to get that glowing skin. I steam my hair in braids when I’m wearing a wig. I steam a lot.

I would recommend steaming once a week on your wash day. From there you can do it as often as you like. The baggy and GHE method are both built around steaming your hair through self generated body heat. That can take all day – several days. You can achieve similar results so following the same rules for baggy or GHE method and just using a steamer for 20-40 minutes to get the job done. Deep moisture penetration is great for everyone.

The QRedew is available from for $69.95. Use code JOUELZY for 15% off. 

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  1. What steps do you do? Do you wash, deep condition, steam, then rinse? Or do you steam the hair after it is dry?

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