winterstylesIt’s cold outside, hopefully if you’re listening to Christmas music on repeat it’s the MoTown or Cee-Lo x-mas albums and your hair is probably telling you that your summer time moisturizing process ain’t giving you the fluff you had during those long sunny days. Unfortunately, I do not have the magical answer on how to make everything all better with balancing the cold air and moisture in your hair. Because even if you do get a moisture regimen under wraps, it’s very likely that you’ll have to do it ever few days, leaving you with your hands in your hair a lot, a lot. And hands in hair, leads to breakage my dear. So here we are at a pinnacle. Yup, protective styling is a must during the winter time. It does mean you can ever rock your natural steez, it just means you might want to reserve that for more special occasions, especially if you’re focused on retaining length. But never fear, I’m here with some dope styles that you can rock during the colder days. Follow along.

1. I love my damn crochet braids. Yes! Phenomenal. Cheap. Easy. And you can use any hair that you want to. Watch what I did with LEFTOVER marley hair & a bobby pin.


2. Havana Twists, ain’t just for the summer breeze. I love this style because it still allows you to get to your real hair. Much more manageable and DIY then braids.

3. Yarn Locs – if you have the time, heart and patience, this faux lock look might be for you or you could do the marley loc look (I haven’t tried that yet).

4. Petal Twists – for those who aren’t comfortable with doing an extension based look and if you just want to jazz up your twists, have at it.

5. The empress bun, giving all sorts of ballerina tease. Or for being more stylistic, check my second bun vid or just get it in with Kyss My Hair’s bomb tutorials.

Check out my playlists for my style ideas on 4C Natural hair

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  1. Perfect timing cause I needed new tips for winterizing my hair 🙂 Thank you for everything you do!! You’re truly an inspiration and amazing to watch!!! I’ve tried all these styles and have pics of them all, but here’s a pic of one of my last sets of Havana Twists cause I do those the most 🙂 Thanks again Jouelzy!!!!

  2. I have tried a couple of the styles above and they came out pretty nice. But this past weekend I spent a good amount of time installing these crochet twist. It would not have taken so long if they were not so long and I didn’t have to twist each one. But it was well worth considering the snow and cold weather here in DC. Thanks for all the good information you provide.

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