The question I get asked the most…how do I moisturize my 4C natural hair? What can those poor poor souls with the extra crunchy coils use to get their soft and moisturized. The emails from ladies who are at their wits ends with their hair, I see them all. And here’s the answer ladies!

As part of my Favorite Product Series for 4C Natural Hair we have reached the one product everyone wants to know. In this installment I cover my favorite moisturizer, My HoneyChild Type 4 Hair Creme. Check the video out below and my previous style tutorial, the Lazy Bantu Knot Out, featuring the product.

And for those wondering, no I wasn’t paid for this video (though I’ve been paid for others and it’s always noted in the description box). By MHC, you can always book me as your spokesperson at the next hair event…hey now.

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  1. My HoneyChild Type4 Hair Creme VS. Shea Moisture Curl Enhancing Smoothie which one? Now my hair is type 4 but thin and fine…maybe I try a sample of My HoneyChild Type 4 Hair Creme

  2. Since watching your videos I found my natural hair fairy godmother because I finally found a woman where the wash n go is not for me. I do have extremely dry hair and am looking for products to use on my hair. Thank you for your videos and advice.

  3. I love your blog/vlog first off! I think maybe I need this. I’m lazy and English so access might be a problem…I can’t for the life of me find this product anywhere in the UK, do you have any tips on any shops that shop internationally that carry this?

  4. Great video have to try it. I just revisit Carol Daughter homey and mimosa creme gave me great moisturization for my hair.

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