Hi Ladies!  We’re back with the second part of our Jolis Hair review.

I wanted to dye this hair to see how it holds up to processing as this is an important factor in assessing the quality of Virgin hair.  I used 40 Volume Developer and L’Oreal Hi-Color Permanent Hair Color Creme to lift the hair color.

IMG_4505  I laid out the hair, saturated it with the mixture and let it sit in foil to process for about an hour.IMG_4504 IMG_4506


Unfortunately, I was not able to lift this hair like I was able to with other hair that I’ve dyed.  With this hair, if you intend to lift, you will most likely need to do a bleach first to strip the color and then deposit whatever color you choose.

The color did lift but very slightly but it’s okay because it worked with the hair color I was doing.

I do have the hair installed as well.  My hair was installed by Tiarra Monet of YouTube fame.  I also installed a closure (not from Jolis.)  I’ve had the hair in for about 2 weeks and I’m still figuring out what this hair likes the best.


I do love the fact that this hair feels like my natural hair feels and that the lust is low.   I also found that the “Plop and Plunk” method works excellent on this hair.  Here’s a diagram that describes the “Plop and Plunk” method:


The ends are a bit rough for my liking.  If the hair is too dry, they start to become a bit tangled.  I need to test a few conditioners to see what I can do with the ends.



Besides the issue with the ends, I really do like this hair and have received many compliments.  I will do a final assessment on the hair complete with what I found works the best for this texture.

If you would like to pay Jolis Hair a visit, check out their website.  Also remember that Jolis Hair has an offer for all BHK readers.  You can receive $15 off any of their hair collections including the bundle deals.  Use code BHK15 at check out.

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