Women wear extensions, weaves, clip-ins and wigs for a variety of reasons ranging from protective styling, to bad hair days, ease of care or simply for the fun of it. Extensions come in many forms in order to cater to a diverse market. Weaves, wigs and the like have never been just for Black women. It’s a major part of the beauty/hair care market that crosses over ethnic lines. So here are five good reasons to wear them .

1. Protection: If you have a busy life or simply need to let your hair rest, extensions may be for you. Be sure to be gentle with your own hair in preparation for these styles and opt for styles that will not cause additional strain on your hair. Crochet braids and wigs are right up that alley.

Wand curls 2 years later

2. Cover Up: If you are dealing with a bad dye job, sudden hair loss, or any other hair-related emergency, then cover it up while you figure things out. Get an amazing wig and keep it in your stash for such occasions. A personal favorite of mine is Vivica Fox Hair Collection’s Ember-V.


3. Vacation: Who really wants to deal with their hair when they could be relaxing? I just want to have fun in the sun and take lots of selfies.


4. Style Change: If you are contemplating changing styles, you can practice cutting and shaping and heat styling on extensions that match your texture. This helps you avoid the damage associated with trial and error styling on your own hair. Do you really want to cut bangs for the first time in your real hair?

0.1 Fiery Bob

5. Experiment with color: There are a plethora of ways that we can dye our hair. Imagine coloring your hair with every color combination that you think is gorgeous. You’d fry your hair into extinction. I would never dye my hair, but I would dabble in colored extensions regardless of how foolish the look would turn out to be. No commitment, no damage, no problem.

Extensions aren’t for everyone, but they can definitely help you out in certain situations.



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