I received hair from Jolis Hair for review, so first step is the unboxing and first look! Why the first look? Because when purchasing weave from a new vendor you want to be sure that the hair is bug free (yeah girl), smells good + clean, with prompt shipping. Don’t worry ladies, I will review how this hair actually functions in an install but I do feel the initial first look is important.

I decided to review their curly hair.  I chose Brazilian curly which is called “Nyla’s Curls”, named after the owner Shannon’s daughter.  I chose 4 bundles of 20″, 22″, 24″, and 26″.

Communication: Jolis Hair was very easy to contact and kept me updated with the status of the order.  She even sends pictures of your particular order so you can see what you’re getting before it is shipped and sent to you.  I loved this because if you’re anything like me, you love seeing new hair.  When you hair is shipped, you receive your tracking as well as tips on products that work well for the hair.  They were very responsive to questions and concerns.

IMG_0242Shipping: The hair was shipped via UPS and required a signature which was another plus when purchasing hair because hair orders have been known to be stolen or “gone missing” when there is no signature required.  Shipping was also VERY fast.  My hair came the day after I got my tracking number.

Packaging: The hair bundles are all packaged in sturdy plastic hair packages complete with Jolis Hair branding.  It also had a cute purple bow tied around the bundle to match.  Each bundle also has a tag attached that is complete with your hair information on the front and care instructions on the back.

Initial Reaction: I saw the hair and touched it and initially, the ends felt slightly rough.  However, a true weave connoisseur knows not to judge a weave by its initial touch.  I washed the bundles and conditioned them and the true beauty of the hair showed itself.  The curls were so pretty and the hair felt softer.

Hair after Wash


If you would like to pay Jolis Hair a visit, here is their website: http://www.jolishairextensions.com/

Shannon was also kind enough to offer a discount for BHK readers!  You can receive $15 off any of their hair collections including the bundle deals.  Use code BHK15 at check out.


Next Up: Do or Dye


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