When it comes to natural hair, I am definitely not a pro. Nonetheless, I have discovered a hair washing treatment that works well for my three-year-old daughter. It has been a challenging journey for us, and although we are proud members of the natural hair community, my daughter can attest to the fact that we are not always the happiest members. We’ve tried numerous hair products and styling methods due to the fact that 1) we enjoy all things girlie, 2) we have different grades of hair (my daughter has a 4b/4c blend and I am 4c through and through) and 3) (the most important reason) eczema is our unfortunate reality. Call us hair product junkies if you must, but experimenting with different products has worked to our benefit because now we know what works for us, and it is such a great feeling. Much like confetti falling from the ceiling.

As mentioned earlier, my daughter suffers from the skin disorder, eczema (atopic dermatitis). Acute eczema to be exact. This level of eczema, considered to be the least severe in terms of the perpetuating itch-scratch cycle it creates, has caused us some major. hair. difficulties. In addition, my daughter suffers from food allergies, specifically chocolate and nuts, which are associated with eczema. Both of these foods are commonly found in hair products for people of color, which made the search for the perfect product a little discouraging. SO, after trying (and failing at) many natural hair tutorials on YouTube, I realized that I had to develop a process unique to our situation.

Aloe vera juice: magic in a jar
Aloe vera juice: magic in a jar

Throughout this journey, I found myself reverting back to hair routines that my mother used back in her Miss Dominica days and I have to say, keeping it ol’ school in some cases has been a tremendous help. After a sea bath, she said she would apply the gel from the aloe vera plant to the strands of her hair as a hair polisher. I’m talking shine for days and then some. But in addition to shine and the healing properties that the aloe plant is widely used for, there is another amazing thing about this multidimensional plant that I accidentally discovered–it also works as a great conditioner. What more could one ask for in a wash routine? After our first application, baby girl’s hair was uber soft (even after air drying) and she barely scratched her scalp for an entire week. Needless to say, aloe vera has become one of our favorite wash applications. Those of you who have experienced the up-hill battle with hair (and eczema) please share what works for you.

Hair Washing (with Lavender Oil and Aloe Vera)
Lavender, recognized for its pleasant and calming aroma, also has healing properties known to soothe itchy scalp. Who knew?!

Gel instructions: Blend gel in a mixer until it becomes a liquid/juice. Strain, and pour into application bottle. No water is needed. Tip: One large stem makes about one cup.

1. Detangle hair. To assist with detangling, add water or your favorite conditioner, as needed. (Optional: Divide and plait hair into 4-5 large sections. This decreases hair knotting and helps to lock in moisture throughout the hair washing process.)

Hair is divided into five sections.
Hair is divided into five sections.

2. In a small bowl, mix cleanser and a quarter-sized amount of lavender oil. Wet hair (using lukewarm water) and massage mixture into scalp as usual.

3. Rinse. Apply your favorite conditioner, along with aloe vera gel. Comb mixture through each section one at a time and re-braid.

4. Rinse and pat hair dry with cotton t-shirt. Apply your favorite leave-in conditioner. (Do not remove plaits.)

5. Apply your favorite hair oil; massage onto hair and scalp. (Tropic Isle Living Lavender Jamaican Black Castor Oil and coconut oil are highly recommended.)

6. Apply your favorite moisturizer, remove plaits and comb through air-dried hair.

7. Style hair as desired.

All done! Time to eat.
All done! Time to eat.

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  1. My daughter has eczema too and I just found that Shea moisture has a hair spray and deep conditioner that helps with the issue. I’ve been using it for a month and o far so good. My thing is protective styling. Since her scalp gets dry so fast I have to keep u with her oils and spray but to much of that also irritates the scalp so I have to cowash or wash with ACV. It’s a balancing act and changes with the season. I’m just grateful that I’m able to find help and advice to help with the process.

  2. I use a 100% coconut oil product called CapriClear. It’s amazing. It really helps with eczema related skin concerns, it’s a great moisturizer, no mess, no greasy residue.

  3. We enjoyed reading your article. It was very informative, but we really enjoyed seeing that beautiful girl (granddaughter). I’m very proud of you.

  4. Thank you thank you, I really hope this help me, but I know I can pass this information to a lot of ppl who needs it as well.. Be blessed

  5. This is so helpful!! My daughter is 13months and she also has acute eczema and very dry hair/scalp. I am looking forward to trying all of these methods.

  6. hi what do you use for daily detangler or is it the conditioner with water? its hard to find a natural detangler and moisturizer which my 2 yr old daughter hair is very thick and she needs a detangler. I have tried every thing my baby scratches all night I feel horrible! please help

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