The Nubian Heritage Indian Temp & Tamanu Anti-Breakage consists of a co-wash, deep treatment masque (deep conditioner), style custer, gel/edge control and serum. This is review includes the:

All products were used to style 4C natural hair, but generally speaking this product line works well on relaxed and natural hair.


Quick FYI, Nubian Heritage and Shea Moisture are the same company they just brand certain products differently, no clue as to way. Over all I like Shea Moisture has a company, because they’re genuinely involved in the natural hair community, Black owned and just nice people. Though I don’t always love all their product. They tend to be very glycerin heavy and that doesn’t work in humid or damp weather. Just murmur the word ‘wet’ and your hair will turn into one epic poof. However, they’re products are super accessible and I’ve found ways to counter the glycerin effect and get some of the best twist outs ever. This is coming from someone who NEVER wears twists out, well almost never.

On to the product. The Nubian Heritage Indian Hemp & Tamanu line does have glycerin in it, though its further down on the ingredient list compares to the SM Coconut Hibiscus Line. The co-wash was cool; no complaints there as it’s pretty consistent with their other co-washes. Get’s the job done, doesn’t strip my hair but it’s nothing special. Treatment masque was also in the same boat. It didn’t really stack up to my favorite deep conditioner, but there was absolutely no harm done, and I would use it again. The stand out for me was definitely the custard. YES ma’am! I put a dab of it in my hair and rolled it into some perm rods, leaving my hair decadently soft and the curls popping! They even lasted over several days. I styled my hair like this in late November and it was raining in DC — no glycerin poof happened! So I was very happy with the results. Maybe, even feeling myself.

I can’t really speak to the anti-shedding properties that it claims as I didn’t use the product over a significant length of time. But in general if you’re experiencing a lot of breakage, the ingredients listed in these products, like garlic extract, are what you want to use. So I would definitely recommend this to counteract breakage (along with a GOOD detangling routine). I have used it several times since then and still enjoy the product.

Check out the video below and if you’ve used the product before post your pics below!

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  1. Okay Jouelzy, it’s good to see you moving and shaking. I started watching ur vids on Youtube. Anywho, I have fine, thin 4 something hair that is soft and frizzy. I am 60 years old and been on this journey since Feb 2014. My hair is finally adjusting and not breaking as much. I wear wigs mostly bc I was trying to achieve healthy hair first. When I flat twist the ends of my hair fluff up. Do I need a styling products to keep my twists consistently all the way down. If so, I will try the custard you mentioned above; I don’t want to buy millions of styling products.

  2. Love this line! My hair is somewhere in the 3’s (3B/3C, I think). I’ve been using the masque for about two years now as my deep condish and my hair loves it. I can attest to its anti-shedding claims; I shed in the spring and fall, and while the shedding doesn’t stop completely it doesn’t shed as much as it did prior to my use of the conditioner.The custard is also a really great product for my twist outs and wash-n-gos. Your perm rod set is cute! I think I’ll give that a shot.

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