Pampered_PitsMany of us in the Black community suffer from underarm and pelvic area bumps. Whether they’re cystic, in grown hairs or the result of hidradenitis suppurativa, it’s a very common occurrence – especially for women. So we have to be careful about the topical products we use in those areas and the foods that we eat. This is why it’s ever important to keep a clean diet and drink your water. Water, water, water and more water ladies. But back to the topical products. After years of using Dove, Secret & an assortment of mainstream deodorants, all which would lead to random flair ups where I would have swollen bumps the size of golf balls under my arms, I’ve found the perfect deodorant that keeps me dry and bump free, keeping my hidradenitis at bay.

Sydelle Cosmetics Pampered Pits Sensitive Skin deodorant has been my staple deodorant since July. Started wearing this deodorant in the dead heat of the summer and it has held me down and steady ever since. I have absolutely no complaints! The sensitive skin deodorant only comes in Zen Blossom fragrance which has a light and airy smell to it, similar to fresh cotton. One vacation I forgot my Pampered Pits deodorant and had to use some Secret, immediate flair the next day. Like sheesh! It’s really that serious. Sydelle’s Pampered Pits has seen me bump free since July and some of the darkness under my arms from previous scarring has slightly cleared up. It’s just all around greatness.

Pampered Pits Deodorant for sensitive skin is baking-soda free and specifically for those with sensitive skin issues such as eczema, dermatitis and hidradenitis. Sydelle also offers strong deodorants for those without sensitive skin. Available directly from Sydelle Cosmetics. 

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  1. Best product ever. Got mine about 3 weeks ago and am absolutely in love. this is definitely good stuff.

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