A few weeks ago daughter turned the big 1-3. Husband and I braced ourselves, awaiting her detailed list of presents certain it would rival the never-ending scroll that gradually unravels, rolling out our front door, continuing down the driveway, into the street and over into the golf course. What we actually received wasn’t that bad, but one request, in particular, reawakened my dormant eye twitch. The request:

“Please straighten my hair.”

Ladies, can I tell you I sounded like the reverend, one of Arsenio Hall’s characters, in “Coming to America.” “Lord, lord.” All I could think was, We are not going back there. My theatrics, however, were for naught. Daughter wanted to flat iron her hair, not relax it. Truthfully, I knew what she was talking about since we discussed it on occasion, but I had to be certain. You know?

Here’s the process:straightened

  1. Daughter washed and detangled hair.
  2. Applied product (see Confession and Products Used below).
  3. Hair already parted and quartered from washing. Halved those sections and blow dried on low heat using the tension method (gently pulled hair taut while moving the nozzle back and forth to evenly distribute heat until hair was mostly dry).
  4. Hair was braided in six plaits for manageable sections.
  5. Quartered each section and in some instances halved the quarters. Made sure each one-inch section was free from tangles with use of a Denman brush.
  6. Flat ironed on 375º setting (one light pass without aid of fine tooth comb; second pass, much slower with comb).

The result: beautiful, thick straightened hair. Daughter was pleased, as was I.

A recent revelation answered the question of why I was a product junkie. I was on a quest, searching for some thing(s) in particular that would relegate previous purchases nonessential and quite possibly, inferior (minus the eco-styler gel, of course). What works for one may not for another, but for me and mine, it’s a wrap on the quest. Unfortunate for us, we do not reside in the DMV area else daughter and I would have a standing weekly appointment. Two of these products were used in Nia’s straightening session and …

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When I love something, I feel obligated to share and I go hard in doing so.

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