changeIt’s so easy to get locked into one way of doing, seeing, thinking, and even being because we believe there exists no viable reason to fix that which is not broken since the current way continues to serve us and has done so for so long for so many. Too often the common responses offered up to those seeking a change in perspective is “What for?” or “If it ain’t broke, why fix it?”

We follow traditions and customs, well, because they’re traditions and customs. We’re born into a way of life that will shape the way we view and define ourselves and those we encounter. With this introduction we are not only taught how to think, but ‘what’ to think. We fall effortlessly in line with ideals that imprison rather than liberate and the cycle continues. We live snug in a rug inside a very square claustrophobic box.

Question: If something currently works does that mean we adopt a hands-off approach because it is considered a waste of time to look to improve upon what is and ridiculous to entertain the possibility of what it can become in the next iteration?

Imagine if others before us believed this to be true. Would we still live in darkness without the use of electricity? Would we still believe the earth flat? Would we still etch hieroglyphics in stone to preserve our stories for generations? Would we still be enslaved? Truthfully, we are in a different sense. We are prisoners to ideals and our programming; with one word we’ve determined whether we’ll listen or dismiss the messenger.

What if the laws we believe govern us governed nature? Would the seed stop growing after cresting the soil? Would the chick remain confined in its shell for fear of the unknown? Would the fawn fail to stand upon birth because it believed the task too challenging? Thankfully nature isn’t restricted by our beliefs. All things of nature grow, becoming what they were intended to be. The elements innate. We, too, however, are nature and so it, too, is inherent.

Imagine our world if the dreamer believed change unnecessary and entertained the notion that what is is what should always be.

Conformists never change the world (individually or globally), rebels do. In their daring to think differently, they (we) entertain a question. It’s in the asking … the answers come when we ask questions that challenge conventional truths.

Change frightens many, do not allow it to frighten you.

Published by Michelle Richardson

ItsSimpleMR (Michelle Richardson), author of the contemporary series Experience Life from a Different Perspective, believes there is so much more to people of color than currently depicted in all forms of media. Through written word, speaking engagements, one-on-one or group sessions, Michelle is determined to show a more positive side to our relationships. For more about Michelle, visit her  website.

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  1. Just what I needed to see. Thank you!
    Be content, but never stop growing and seeking excellence.

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