Evolution of Wash Day & A Giveaway

prewashI love change … evolution, the growth or development from what was once considered the norm. It is truly a freeing and also gratifying experience, especially when it happens under your nose with little-in-stature-individuals entrusted to your care for a time, e.g. walking unassisted, feeding themselves, tying their washown shoes, dressing themselves, reading and writing, formulating opinions and arguments that actually make sense, choosing to do homework over staying up until the sun blinks a hello and good morning, deciding to take some ‘me’ time instead spending the majority of her time ooVoo’ing, Facetiming or texting friends, offering to cook meals for the entire family (can I get a what what!) and especially, parting, detangling and washing one’s own hair. Well, I have entered the latter phase with the youngest and couldn’t be prouder.
Daughter is becoming a regular natural hair aficionado. Wash day no longer consists of mommy doing, but rather mommy waiting until mommy is needed. Chick does all the heavy work (detangling and washing) with patience and care spending an hour or more, if that’s what’s needed to get the job done.

In a couple of weeks, daughter turns 13. As a parent, you hope the tools you’ve provided will enhance their quality of life, making it easier for them to navigate crazy with minimal detours and distractions. Mini-me has always been her own individual voilaand I find it a blessing to watch as she uncovers and rediscovers more of the dynamic being she is.

* Daughter washed and detangled; I braided. Box braids are the go-to signature hairstyle during the school year. Who am I kidding? Anytime of year that’s the go-to style. Period. Can you guess which product below had me laughing out loud and why? First one to correctly answer wins the product.   

Products used:


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  1. aunt jackie’s curls and coils in control anti poof moisturizing and and softening conditioner? Lol I don’t know the name is funny and I know nothing can control my “poof”. Your daughter has beautiful hair and good for her taking ownership of her hair.

    1. Hey Marra. Aunt Jackie’s Curls & Coils is correct. The name is funny, but what in particular made me laugh? You are so close. BTW ladies, the first three to correctly answer will win the product.

      Thanks and I was very pleased. It’s important that she know how to take care of her hair in its natural state and now she’s working on “perfecting” her braiding skills. Does that mean when she has it down to a science, she won’t need me anymore? 🙁 Humph, I certainly hope not.

  2. Aunt Jackie’s Curls & Coils
    i think…
    anti= meaning against or opposed of
    and the label reads “Anti-Poof ”
    so why would you be OPPOSED of the poof in your hair if that’s why you love to be natural?

  3. My guess is – Aunt Jackie’s Curls & Coils In Control “Anti-Poof” Moisturizing & Softening Conditioner
    I laughed at the “anti-poof” because we normally categorize it as a puff.

  4. Me again, i forgot to add that the product is based on old fashion,home made “kitchen beauticians” products that was to tame frizzy and unruly hair. Also, it is made up of natural protein,oils, etc. It deep conditions so hair is manageable.

  5. My answer is aunt Jackie’s because before your daughter made the big chop she’s said she wanted her puffy hair back and now she’s using anti puff. I’m the same way, I used to straighten my hair and then get tired of the cookie cuter look and just be my curly haired self.

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