Reviewed on natural hair, great for all hair styles: straight to kinky. 

Caruso Steam Rollers have been around for a while. Your momma probably used them and maybe your grandma too. Or maybe you remember getting jive with them as a teenager ‘back in the day’. Caruso’s are nothing new but they are something great. These rollers work great for all hair types. Yes ma’am, all hair types from 1-4, white to black, straight to curly to kinky can enjoy the benefits that the Caruso steam rollers provides. As a natural hair girl with extremely dry and low porosity hair, steam is always a good thing, as it helps my hair to absorb moisture. For everyone, steam is great because of the moisturizing benefits and it allows you to set your hair with out heat damage. The steam from these rollers is NOT considered direct heat. You’re not frying your hair with a flat iron or curling iron. Rather you are applying a warm and moist roller to your hair that expands as it cools down.

Caruso Steam Rollers come in a starter pack of 30 with 3 different size rollers in the mix (large, medium, small). I enjoyed the variety of the rollers as I wasn’t looking for a uniform curl and it added more dimension to my hair. Because you only need to set the rollers for 15-30 minutes, if you only want to use one size, you can do your hair in sections to get through the rollers that come with the pack or order additional rollers in the specific size you want. You can order the travel size, which is what I got because I really didn’t see the difference in the bigger one versus the travel size and obviously travel sizes allows you the convenience to pack it up and go.

I love these rollers as the style is easy to maintain over the week, by simply pin curling your hair at night. If you’re someone who works out a lot and you don’t want to necessarily compromise your feminine styles because you’re getting your healthy on, this is also a great option. I worked out heavy and this was one of my go to’s during that time, as I could just pin curl my hair down while I worked out and the style would hold through all my heavy sweating.

To use Caruso Rollers it is the same method for everyone.

1. Style on dry hair.

2. Place water in the Caruso container, give about 5 minutes for it to start steaming.

3. Select your roller, place the roller on the port on top of the Caruso. All the rollers come with covers that clip the roller on to your hair, you can place it on the steamer with or without the cover.

4. Set on steamer for 5 seconds or until it feels slightly damp and warm. It will get hot fast.

4. On a section of detangled/combed hair, wrap your hair around the roller in the direction you wish the curl fall. Clip on cover.

5. All hair to set for 15 – 30 minutes. Optionally, you can set under the dryer to speed up the process.

*Notes for natural hair g’yals: do this on STRETCHED hair for my kinky ladies. This is a great midweek, switch up your look hair style. Alternatively you can blow dry your hair prior to using the Caruso. Some have even lightly flatironned their hair to get the really sultry, fluffy curl look. I have done it both ways with my 4C hair, as you can see in the pictures below, and I like it both ways.


Watch the video below for my review on the Caruso Steam Rollers, avaliable for about $31.95 (and they qualify for free shipping!) at

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