How Do You Deal With The Dreaded Hair Knot?

hairknotIn my daughter’s haste to undo a box braid and try out a technique, she knotted her a portion of her hair. We tried finger detangling, detangling with a brush, spritzing the blasted knot with water. Nothing. No budging. Just a knot. Now patience isn’t a virtue I possess in abundance and at this point, even I feared that I would have to cut off about three inches of this mangled mass. Worried that would be the solution, daughter panicked. Her face kept me from pulling out my scissors.

Remembering the slip from the Organix Coconut Milk conditioner (I suspect any conditioner with slip will work), I applied a generous amount to the strand and knot. In seconds, no joke nor exaggeration, I “slipped” the knot down and completely out with zero hair loss. While I lost strands during finger and brush detangling attempts, I lost none from this process. I wonder if the same holds true for single strand knots. Since I have a few I’ll try. I’m definitely interested in seeing if this is a panacea for an all too common problem among curly and coily naturals.

Image from’s Under the Microscope.


Published by Michelle Richardson

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