curlformers vs. flexirodsSummer Summer Summer time!

Along with cook outs, pool parties and ice cream, for a lot of us natural girls this weather brings about humidity, frizz and puffiness.

So how can you achieve beautiful soft bouncy curls without using heat? Two styling tools that i frequently use are Curlformers and Flexirods. Using these tools give me controlled curls, reminiscent of getting roller sets when I was relaxed.

what you will need:

1. Curlformer or Flexirods, your choice.

2. A wide toothed comb, for parting and detangling.

3. Setting lotion. In order to get soft curls instead of stiff crunchy curls, I combine “lotta body” setting lotion, Kinky curly “knot today” leave in conditioner and water in a spray bottle.

When working with Curlformer it’s a little bit more of an extensive process. Each Curlfomers kit comes with different length Curlformers and a styling hook. Since I have medium length thin hair I opted for the short spiral curls kit. I start with freshly washed, detangled and sectioned hair. Taking each section of hair, twist the hair at the root and grab that section of hair with the styling hook. Gliding the curlformer upward in a pumping motion as you pull the section of hair through.

Here is a helpful video from Vlogger “iknowlee” for a visual explanation. Official Curl Formers Tutorial

curlformer processimage_1 coulformers

When working with Flexirods the process is a little simpler. I use them on freshly washed hair for tighter curls and dry stretched hair for loose bouncy curls. Taking sections of hair and wrapping them around the Flexirod in a spiral pattern, bending the ends to hold the hair in place.


4. Sit under the dryer for an hour or so depending on how long it takes your hair to dry. Or if you have the time, I prefer to let  my hair air dry over night.

When taking the Curlformers out, in order not to yank or pull out your hair, squeeze the Curlformer at the base and slide hair out.

When taking the Flexirods out, gently unravel the hair in the same spiral pattern as you put the rods in.

When fluffing and teasing hair to desired volume please be careful as you do not want to disturb the curls.

After all is said and done I take my wide tooth comb (optional) and lift my roots to help hide the parts.

VOILA! perfect bouncy controlled curls.

Curlformer resultsimage_4 Vs. Flexirod resultsimage

I love the style that both of these tools give me but which one do I really love?


Like I’ve already mentioned Curlformers are just too much work! It took me almost an hour to complete the process of setting my curls with Curlfomers as opposed to Flexirods, which only took about 40 minutes. Also, Curlfomers are very pricey. I paid $50 when I ordered my first kit and I bout an extra pack of Curlformers so I’d have enough, that was about an additional $16 at sally’s beauty supply. If you have the extra money, time and patience then Curlformers could be a great option for you but I personally wish I would’ve just stuck with my good old Flexirods, ranging from about $1.99-5.99 a pack at my local beauty supply store. One con I found with Flexirods, while sleeping (I’m a wild sleeper)some may tend to slide off in the middle of the night, unlike Curlfomers, once they’re on… they’re on tight!

If you’re still on the fence this two part video by Vlogerr “Santasha Styles” could help,

Santasha’s Styles: Curlformers vs. Flexirods Round 1

Santasha’s Styles: Results of Curlformers vs. Flexirods

Or get both and try them out for yourself!

Happy Summer styling Naturals!






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