Qoileez!Last month, Joulezy asked if the daughter and I would be interested in reviewing Qoileez! While I contend there was some reluctance on my part, after the daughter took one look at the website her answer was a resounding YES! What child turns down free stuff? Hello, everything they get is free or at least that’s how they perceive all their acquisitions — free stuff from mom and dad and anyone else who adores them. Better question: What mother is turning down free stuff? Answer: If there is a practical use for the item, certainly not me.

The Product:
Qoileez! is a cute little hair accessory made of stretchy plastic. The decorative accessory comes in a variety of colors and patterns. A pack of seven costs $4.99 and a pack of 14 $7.99. Apply to a strand of a hair to dress up any hairstyle, instantly adding a pop of color and flair. Take a look at the numerous options available at Qoileez!

Must admit, initially the application left me dumbstruck. How the heck do I get this thing in her hair? Damn thing needed an instruction video or directions, but then … duh! An epiphanic revelation. Daughter laughed; I joined in. I had to stretch the Qoileez! and coil her hair around it. This question must have been among the company’s frequently asked since a quick twenty-seven second how-to tutorial is now available on their website.

Mini-Me’s Thoughts:
Easy application after my mom figured out how to put it in my hair. A nice accessory. Cute for younger girls and preteens. Surprisingly, I liked that it stayed in place and didn’t move up and down. I prefer them over beads because you can change them and wear another color or design to match whatever you’re planning to wear to school the next day. Not sure if I will use on my pens or pencils as suggested on their website. Right now, it’s for my hair.


My Thoughts:
A cute accessory for your little one. Adds a bit of fashion to spruce up any hairstyle. Would I purchase these if I randomly happened upon them in Sally’s or Target or some other store? No. If daughter were with me, would she be interested? Yes. Would she ask me to purchase them? Yes and I would have told her if she wanted them, she could purchase them herself. And she would have whipped out her wallet and done just that. However, once I applied them to her hair, I, more than likely, would have loved the added touch and probably would entertain the idea of reimbursing daughter. Overall, not a frivolous purchase, nor a costly one. There are a few more designs daughter is interested in, and well … we’re ordering them from their site.

For this product review, we received three (3) four-pack of Qoileez! in the Surprise Mixes collection: Only Blue Skies, Wild Cats and Pretty ‘n Pink. Daughter is love with all and is currently mixing and matching.

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