Graduation of any kind is one of the most gratifying times in a person’s life. Likewise, you have to look your best, but that cap is a pain! It seems that the hair that pairs best with the thing is of medium to long length and is straight or wavy. Basically any kind of hair you can easily manipulate to allow the cap to sit on the middle of your head. But of course my hair does not have any of those characteristics. My short tightly coiled hair with little to no definition without styling had me restless.


What to do, What to do?…I had been searching, clicking and asking  about a style I could do to my hair for my graduation for months now. I, personally, don’t know many ladies that were natural when they graduated. I also don’t know any other ladies with hair like my own, so asking them what to do with MY hair, this time around, was a  no-no. Normally my main concern is with shrinkage, but this time I had to figure out a way to stuff my hair securely into that oddly shaped hat and still look cute. I’ve finally found a style that suits me best. It’s simple. It adds pattern to my usually pattern-less curls. And most importantly, I look good! Here’s how to accomplish my “Graduation Cap Look.”

What You Need

Beeswax- I use “Honey Beez Beeswax”

Edge Control- I use “Creme of Nature with Argan Oil From Morocco Perfect Edges”

Leave-In Conditioner (spray)- I use “Creme of Nature with Argan Oil From Morocco Strength & Shine Leave-In Conditioner Spray”

Parting comb -I use a rat tail comb

De-tangling comb- I use a wide toothed comb


Hair Pick

Your fingers!


1. Start with stretched hair. My hair’s natural state is short and tightly curled so I HAVE to stretch it for virtually every style I do. I used old flat twist out hair.

2. I then sprayed in my Creme of Nature with Argan Oil From Morocco Strength & Shine Leave-In Conditioner Spray to soften and moisturize my hair. I used my pick to comb through my hair in the direction I would be flat twisting and added a side part.


3. I began in the front. I flat twisted away from the crown of my head. Each diagonal flat twist got a bit of beeswax applied to it to add shine, moisture and make the twists neat.

Here’s how they should look.

download (2) rsz_1rsz_1rsz_download_1 rsz_1rsz_img_20130526_172010

4. In the back I flat twisted straight down.

5. When I was all done, I secured a doorag and satin cap on my hair.

6. The next day, I “carefully” took down my hair and placed on the graduation cap. I also adjusted my side part and added edge control to smooth my edges with a toothbrush.

Here are my results.

IMG_20130528_161035 IMG_20130528_161100

Pretty defined for my textured hair!






I hope I helped ladies with curls like mine and any other hair types. Good luck on trying this style for your own!

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