As is the case with Miss Nia, on a Sunday morning just before washing her hair, daughter informed me she wanted to try something different. All I could think was Oh, God! What does that mean? If chick says she wants me to shave her head bald because she thought long and hard and weighed the ramifications of this decision, I just might do it! I kid … I think.

The drama on my part was entirely unnecessary. Daughter’s ‘different’ was a variation of combining two hairstyles into one — cornrows in the front and defined curls at the back. Sounds cute. I’m game, so why not.

The style is simple and fairly easy to achieve. The number of cornrows, the pattern or intricate design is wholly up2n1c to you. I opted for smaller straight back braids, hoping for two, three weeks max with this style. I began with a clean head of conditioned and detangled hair parted from ear to ear, twisting the back and securing with a scrunchie in a low bun so I could braid the front. By the time the front was completed, the back of her head was damp.
Starting at the nape of her neck, I parted smaller workable sections for seriously defined curls. Spritzed with water, checked for tangles by finger combing then brushed the small section with the Denman brush. Next I applied a dollop of gel and smoothed through using either two fingers (scissor technique) or my palms to evenly distribute the gel to the section. The curl definition was a thing of beauty. That small section done, I sent mini-me running to the bathroom to take a look at her defined 2n1curls. Chick was in heaven! The process of defining her curls took just as long, if not longer than braiding the front.

At night, daughter wore a satin head scarf and each morning, she’d lightly mist her hair with lavender scented water and gently shake her head. As the days passed, her curls became fuller, a bit frizzier and added more volume to her already thick hair, which (get this) she did not, I repeat did not complain about. We’ve made some serious progress! And it has been duly noted!

Must say, I enjoyed the results just as much mini-me. This style is a definite keeper to which the Qoileez! would be a great addition.

Products Used:

  • ACV Rinse
  • Egg & Mayo DC
  • Aussie Moist Conditioner
  • Mixed Oils (argan, avocado, sweet almond, castor, jojoba, olive and vitamin E)
  • Coconut Oil
  • Raw Shea Butter
  • Eco-Styler Gel

Tools Used:

  • Denman Brush
  • Wide Tooth Detangling Comb
  • Rattail Comb for parting
  • Hair Clips
  • Hair Scrunchies
  • Spray bottle filled w/ warm water and fresh lavender sprigs

*Photos were taken February 24, 2013*


Published by Michelle Richardson

ItsSimpleMR (Michelle Richardson), author of the contemporary series Experience Life from a Different Perspective, believes there is so much more to people of color than currently depicted in all forms of media. Through written word, speaking engagements, one-on-one or group sessions, Michelle is determined to show a more positive side to our relationships. For more about Michelle, visit her  website.

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  1. Hi Ms. Michelle,

    I’m a 4C type Hair Lady with an average hair length of 4 inches. I’ve done two different slanted patterns of cornrows in the front and twist/twist out the back of my head. I end the cornrows with the small rubber bands and twist the remaining hair. I do a total of twenty twist or less in the back, enough to cover my scalp, not to unravel the original two parts use to make the wist.

    By the end of the day and when it’s a rainy day, a few of my twist out start to puff up. I like my twist out to look the same as they were the first day. To do that, I twist back each original parts, put my usual hair product(s) on my cornrows and twists if needed, sleep with my hair wrap in my satin scarf for another nice twist out during the day.

    It takes me an average of 4 hrs to complete this hairdo. I know some of you readers might say “WHAT!?? 4 HOURS … NOBODY GOT TIME FOR THAT!!” Well I’m not an expert in raiding, and I want it to look nice, presentable for work and hang outs. I don’t know about you but it takes time some time to look nice and presentable to me. It takes me an average of 30 minutes to re-twist before bed time and 10 minutes to do the twist out in the morning. I made this hair due last me for two weeks. I dress it up with a nice headband to cover the rubber bands. Some of my friends friends that have natural hair say they like it. So give it a try my 4C sisters!!

    September 2014 makes it two years that I haven’t had a relaxer. I didn’t do the big chop so when I was transitioning, for the back of my hear, I braided the parts of my hair that were not process, used small rubber bands up to that section and roller set the process parts and let it down when it was dry. The thing was the relaxed portion oh my hair where not breaking/thinning like crazy.

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