I never knew that such a simple hair style could be such a hit! I wore my hair in havana twists for 3 weeks and got TONS of compliments. This style is simple to achieve, even for those who can’t really braid (that would be ME!). It’s also very inexpensive with marley braid hair being available at around $5/pack.

What you need:

*I Β like to use all natural products when doing protective styles that I plan on leaving in for extended periods, because I moisturize my hair throughout wearing the style and I want to avoid product buildup that I find happens quicker when I use moisturizing products with silicone.

I DID NOT BLOW DRY my hair. I try to avoid direct heat as much as possible, so I simply planned ahead for styling my hair. I washed and moisturized my hair with My Honey Child Type 4 Hair cream and then braided it down so I could wear a wig while I allowed it to air dry for one day. This served two purposes: it stretched out my hair and my hair was already sectioned, so it was easier for me to part my hair and ensure that I did the right size twists.

Overall the style took me about 4 hours to complete. And the Honey Loc Love gave my hair a nice soft shine, and smelled like hot fudge brownies. At one point I stopped to try to figure out who was baking brownies in my building and wondered why it smelled so good. Then I realized it was my hair.

I did NOT wash or get my hair wet while wearing this style. People have asked how I prevented my edges from puffing, I didn’t have that problem at all, because I didn’t get my hair wet and my hair was stretched prior to styling. I moisturized my hair by spritzing it with Alikay Naturals Lemongrass Leave-In and when I took my hair down it was still soft and moisturized, I was tempted to not wash it and just style it again, but I know better.

To create the invisible root, so the twists look like they are your real hair, you simply entwine the marly into your real hair by twisting each side of the twist with your real hair before twisting it downward. Sound confusing right? Watch the video below for visual details.

If you try this style out post your pics in the comment section below! Upload button is below the “submit” button πŸ™‚

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  1. Hey!!!I really wana do these Havana twist soooo bad but one thing I gota know… How did you get them that length?

  2. Love…love…love your personality. I can see how someone would compare you to a bag of skittles. Anywho, my question for you is….wait….first let me tell you about my hair. I’m mixed, so my hair isn’t kinky. Its in between. And its long. When I wash it afterwards its waves up and falls flat. Do you think this style will work?

    1. I had the same question as well, I’m mixed and my hair texture is really curly and fine, but not very kinky. I decided just to give it a try since I love the style so much. Will keep you posted on the results!

  3. I like this method but I am going on vacation in August to Florida and will probably get my hair wet. I know you didn’t get your hair wet but do you think the attachment method you used will hold up in water?

  4. Im seriously struggling right now =/.
    My perception was way off and it took me several tries to get it right. Now that I’ve got that, Im struggling trying to get my ends to blend. Im determined to make this style work for me lol *fingers crossed*

  5. love that style, how do you keep your hair hydrated/moisturized with them? thinking about doing them for school this september.

  6. I love your hair! I have that distorted perception thing too but hopefully your suggestion will help sometimes my mind is on autopilot. Nonetheless your suggestions were great.

  7. Hey ! So I tried it n it only took me two packs :S my hair is really thin my scalp is very visible… do you have any suggestions? Thank you in advance :)<3

  8. My first attempt and it turned out pretty good ..doing the back was a task I used the mini braid in themmiddle then twist for those..but overall I like it..thanks for your help!

  9. I’m wondering how many cornrows you had sectioned in your hair before you sectioned out for the twists. This would help determine the fullness of my hair. Hoping to try this style this weekend! Thanks. It is a cute style.

  10. I just paid to get these done :/ Angry a little, but I guess you pay someone to do something you have no time to do. In the future I surely will use your method. How long did it take? I can cornrow my children’s hair but have never done any type of extension. Also, my natural hair is so fine and my parts are a little snug making my hair look…spaced out. hoping my roots will puff, and hide the huge parts. #Noworries #Lessonlearned #doingitmydamnself

  11. I love the Havana twist, brut I currently have locs ( which I am growing INCREASINGLY tired of). Before I take to scissors nd cutting I was thinking about trying the Havana twist over top of my locs. Do you think this would work?

  12. I’m contemplating getting the Havana twists… I’ve been natural for a year now and I’ve been trying to figure out a good protective style. This one would seem to work out for me! Now I just need to know about how much is everyone spending on natural hair products??? I’ve been using VO5 conditioner and African pride leave in conditioner for my hair… Help please!!!!

    1. Youtube…youtube…youtube lol I’m a year in myself and without it I would have been lost as far as protective styling(taught myself to install marley twists)…now on the product end its all about finding what works for you, I use the natural gals staple eco styler gel and shea moisture products which usually run me about $11 per product (shampoo, curl cream, and gel) but they last me a good 3 months and both define my curls and keep my fro moisturized. I also experiment with different conditioners to cowash and use giovanni’s weightless leave in or cantu leave in

  13. Okay Hello,I am going to try these Havana Twist.My hair is thick and collarbone length.How many packs should I get?

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