naturalmateWhen I decided to big chop, I only thought about whether or not it would work for me. I didn’t consider anyone else’s feelings, because truth be told it’s my head and I decide what to do with it. However when I saw myself in the mirror, I immediately thought my husband was going to hate it. It was so short and I didn’t look like myself anymore. I was so nervous I began shaking. Luckily, he was away on business so I didn’t have to face him right away, but I did send him a picture and to my surprise HE LOVED IT!

Even though he liked it, I don’t think it would have matter that much to me if he didn’t  I know, you are probably saying well why were you so nervous? I am not sure why I was nervous, I think it was just a normal reaction to a major moment in my life. To be honest, I have always done whatever I wanted and not worry about other people’s opinions.  However, as I get deeper into my natural hair journey, I’m seeing there are a lot of issues naturals struggle with, approval and acceptance being near the top.

I have read countless posts about women saying their significant other hated their hair.  But is having your significant others approval that important?  Would it be a source of tension in the relationship? Or, would you consider relaxing again? My opinion is to be true to who you are and those that love you will follow suit.  I don’t always agree with what my husband says and/or does, and nor should I. The disagreements make for great entertainment sometimes. The beauty of relationships is that they are not perfect. It’s ok to agree to disagree on some things, hair being one of them. It’s just hair and hair grows back, changes often, and can be “remixed” in a matter of seconds.

So let’s hear it, what would you do if your significant other hated your natural hair?

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  1. Lol when I cut my hair I didnt care who didnt like it! If someone didnt like my hair and they were open about it I would give them a sermon of why natural hair is beautiful and tell them to stuff it. After a while, people stopped making faces at my hair, because it was truly beautiful ( and long, every African womans dream). My other half loves my hair, and if he didnt I would have told him of for being narrow minded!!!

  2. I would be like F@#K you bro!… and dump him hehe which I actually did in real life… I refuse to wear someones hair on my head to please anybody… and if your gonna love me, love me for my natural beauty and not the false beauty that media portrays constantly to be beautiful… <3

  3. He wouldn’t care, he supports me in whatever I do. He loves to see black women with natural hair, especially low cut. Too bad I can’t do that with my face shape and forehead, I’d cut it all off. When I wore it relaxed, I’d get it all cut low but the bang and sometimes even cut the bangs short and wear it spiked and dyed blonde. He’d get out the camera and take pics.

  4. I just BC on june 1,2013 and my boyfriend still hates it but im dealing with it he just dont have an open mind… I wonder if he still thinks im sexy or beautiful to him…..i pray once he see the beauty in my hair he will change.

  5. My bf hates my natural hair, but he doesnt comment on it or put too much stake in how I look overall. I had a long weave when we met, a tapered relaxed faux hawk when we started dating, and now my twa is about 5 inches. In a few weeks Ill get a weave, or braids or something and he wont care. I think since I change it all the time, he doesnt invest too much in how it looks lol.

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