weavepsProtective Styles are very popular in the hair growth field, they are what keeps your hair growing and protected while you get to style it however you like. However, some protective styles hurt more than help and can cause irreversible damage so you always want to look at the pros and cons of Protective Styles to know which one is good for you.

Here’s a few Protective Styles and their Pros and Cons:

black-fusionFusion Hair Extensions

Fusion Hair Extensions may be the most expensive and some of the longest lasting hair extensions created. These are different because they fuse the extensions individually to each strand by hot heat tools or beads, and can also be applied by hooks. This process if done by a professional (which is highly recommended) can cost up to 2,000 dollars. However, they have made kits that make it somewhat obtainable to do at home.


  • can be styled as if its real hair in (up dos, high ponytails and buns, ect)
  • long lasting, if done correctly these can last up to five months
  • ideal for short hair because it gives you the fuller, longer look


  • hair loss can occur when combing because they are fused to the hair and the shaft can become very weak and brittle from the tugging 
  • Even though they last long they are expensive to install and you also have to purchase special for the installation
  • Some may fall out and show between your natural hair if you have thin hair or if they are applied all over

clip ins as a protective hairstyle.Clip in Hair Extensions

Clip in hair extensions are a quick ans easy way to add volume and length to hair. They also are affordable and you can make them yourself at home which can save you extra money.


  • easy application 
  • quick to apply and remove
  • if its human hair it can be styled to blend it with natural hair such as curled ect.


  • Your hair is still subject to heat and other damage 
  • if not applied correctly they can fall out
  • short term style
  • less style options
  • if cheap they can damage hair


Glue in weave as a protective style. what are the pros and consGlue In Hair Extensions

Glue In Hair Extensions are cheap and can be done at home. They are also very quick and easy to install, they can blend a lot more then clip ins and fusion hair extensions. However, this may be the most damaging installation I’ve ever seen. As far as applying these to give your hair a break and retain length, glue-ins are not the answer for you.


  • can look natural 
  • cheap can be done at home
  • has a lot more styling options than clip ins but limited
  • sturdy


  • if not removed properly you can damage your hair shaft which is worst than having damaged ends
  • temporary short term use
  • tracks can slide out once the glue gets old or wet
  • you can’t wash your hair
  • limited moisturizing
  • hair breakage when brushing or combing
  • the glue can stay in your hair long after the tracks are gone

sewinSew-in Hair Extensions

Sew in hair extensions may be one of the more growth beneficial extensions I have ever installed. With your hair safely braided away you’re able to have all the styles you want and retain length and get growth benefits. Sew ins allow you to try different styles while treating your hair and they have the most benefits in the long run.


  • your hair is protected
  • can be styled in so many different ways
  • can be blended or you can use closure pieces or braiding methods that allow your hair to be fully protected
  • you will be able to wash and moisturize your hair
  • can be a short or long term installation
  • most importantly you will be able to retain your growth


  • if braided too tight your hair can be damaged or it can result in hair loss
  • if you use a net for extra protection your hair won’t be able to be washed or moisturized as much

These are just a few of the most common extensions, hair extensions are just here to give you temporary solutions for certain styles and occasions. You should never neglect your real hair for a temporary style because that’s the easiest way to damage your real hair.



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  1. I disagree with sew ins. It’s very difficult to wash ur scalp with this stuff in my hair. Everytime i washed the dirt would travel. I would suggest kinky twist because u have an easy time washing ur scalp and u can still moisture your entire hair shaft because your hair is still exposed

  2. Yea that would be more in the braiding styles as far as kinky twist I would feel that the synthetic hair can suffer some kind of residue or smell since it’s fake. However I am a firm believer of braids as protective styles. I have in box braids right now and they’re nice.

  3. Sisters, Love yourselves and abandon the quest to look white. Your natural African hair is beautiful and is a part of you. I refuawcto date a black woman with weave….

    1. Its a fucking protective style so that our hair can grow and it won’t break or shed. You have no idea what girls go through to look good. I suppose you think things like speaking proper english is also considered white. I feel sorry for any woman that ever dates you. Get of your fucking high horse.

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