Natural Hair and Fitness

fitnessBeing fit and staying active is key in order to lead a healthier lifestyle.  However women in the Black community have had a challenging time with staying active because of their hair and the way it may be styled.

I can remember back when I was relaxed – there days and even a few weeks that I avoided my workout routine because my hair had been recently pressed or styled in a fierce updo. No amount of water could come my way, outside of being in the shower and during that time I had on a shower cap. All water activities were off limits. If my family wanted to go to the beach, I went to look cute and “watch” the belongings, while they splashed around in the water.

IMG_0266Since I have gone natural, it’s a whole different story. For one, I no longer discriminate against water. I realize that water is my friend and it’s very beneficial for my hair and scalp.

Secondly, by doing fitness routines that involve water – it’s more beneficial for your body and better on your joints, such as swimming. Swimming works out your entire body and is relatively accessible no matter where you live in the US. Most gyms have them and nearly every YMCA.

Lastly having a consistent workout routine while having natural hair will only benefit you in the long run. I know many women, myself included, who have been at the gym and were also deep conditioning or pre-pooing their hair at the same. Yes, ma’am.

Have you noticed that once a woman decides to go natural, she begins to reassess other things in her life, such as her diet, eating habits, fitness levels and other lifestyle areas?

Being natural and maintaining a good fitness simply enhances you.




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