The Stick And Associated Problems: Getting Rid of Underarm Discomfort

bhk dark underarmsI insidiously despise my underarms. They have been a problem for me since I began autonomously grooming myself back in middle school. I thought I knew what I was doing. I asked my mom and sister, researched the proper ways to shave, and the right products to use.

The Struggle

I live in Texas. During our cool winters I have no problem with my underarm exposure because, well, one no one sees them, two I hardly ever wear deodorant because I don’t sweat during cooler temperatures and 3. between you and me I don’t shave often during cold seasons.

Now these harsh desert-like summers we have are completely different. Tank tops, tube tops, cutesy dresses, bikinis and other clothes that show off my ugly underarms are must-haves during that season. And who doesn’t love to show off what you have? Of course, I don’t walk around high-fiving six foot tall people, or run around at football games yelling, “Touchdown!” and wailing my arms in the air, but it’s still pretty embarrassing. Like when you raise your hand in class and notice someone take a glimpse of your abnormally dark underarms and THEN you notice that their underarms are nor–, well not normal because what is normal really? Let’s say their underarms are appropriately colored and agree with their skin-tone, unlike your own.

Recently, I became fed up with it! I’m on a journey to find the best remedies for underarm sensitivity caused by deodorants, discoloration, and irritation. If you suffer from the same things keep reading these remedies may work for you as well!


For Darkness and Sensitivity

Try waxing instead of shaving. Shaving removes hair close to the skin and leaves hair on the surface. Waxing will remove hair from the root thus making underarms appear lighter.

Try exfoliating bi-monthly. Exfoliating GENTLY removes dead skin cells and makes you feel fresh. You can make your own with lemon juice, honey, sugar, apple cider vinegar or turmeric. Or simply purchase one. Avoid using harsh cleaners like alcohol.

Try using sensitive skin deodorants and natural odor relievers like: Lavender oil and rose oil. (Those protect against order not perspiration.) Using deodorants and antiperspirants have chemical compounds that can darken delicate underarm skin. Or, heck, no deodorant at all.

Try lightening masks. Purchase or create your own with lemon, potato, or cucumber. They have natural skin lightening properties. Slice thinly and leave for 15-20 minutes.


I’ll update you all on which remedy worked best for me…Did this work for you? Do you know any remedies that I don’t know about? Share in a comment!

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  1. I’ve been looking into different skin lightening products for my underarms, but I think I will try the natural route first. Thanks for the article, dark underarms is always an issue that most women talk about .

  2. You are welcome Natasha! I’m glad I could help, b/c a lot of the women I am around don’t talk about it, so I felt as though I was the only one. Once, they read my article I found out a few had problems just like mine mine!

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