NappyNikki Before (right) and After (left) Weight Loss
NappyNikki Before (right) and After (left) Weight Loss

Congratulations! You have completed your weight loss journey and reached your ideal weight! The only issue is that you have a problem accepting with the new you. Don’t worry, you are not alone! Many people go through a period of self-acceptance after they have lost a large amount of weight.  Here are five tips to get you started in accepting and loving your brand new body!

1. Do a Little Spring Cleaning! 

One of the best ways to get rid of something old is to buy something new. So, take a Saturday morning, go through your closets and drawers, and take out any clothing that you can no longer fit. No matter if they are too large or small, take them out!  Pack them all up and take them to your local Goodwill, Salvation Army, or even a consignment shop. Then, treat yourself to a celebratory shopping spree! Seeing yourself in old baggy clothes does nothing but puts a damper on your new image. Make sure to try on clothes that properly fit you and your new body! Maybe even try on items that you were afraid to before, like that cute summer dress at H&M. A new look can always bring out a new attitude!

2. Get Up, Get Out, and Dance!

Going to the gym can be intimidating. Most gyms today offer a wide variety of group exercise classes, and the most popular among them all seems to be, Zumba and Dance Cardio. These classes not only promote a healthy lifestyle, but they also encourage you to learn and love your body for what it is. Group exercise classes can also build confidence and help you feel sexier! If you are not a fan of group exercise classes and would rather blend in with a bigger crowd, try a dance club on nights with specific musical genres, i.e. salsa, hip hop, or even ballroom dancing. Whatever it is, just get up and move it!

3. Look at Yourself Naked More Often

Many people fail to accept their body because they don’t understand it. They don’t know what their body looks like when it’s not hidden by clothing. So the next time you’re in the comfort of your own home, take a good look at your naked self and be proud of the new you. Instead of pointing out the imperfections of your body, relish on the beauty of it. This may not be the easiest thing for some people to do but take it slow and soon you won’t be able to stand yourself! Besides, it’s not every day that your body can go through a beautiful transformation.

4. Take Comments  and Compliments with a Grain of Salt

Compliments can be tricky sometimes. Losing weight can bring a bulk load of compliments from outsiders. Some may say, “Oh, you are looking fabulous!” or “Congratulations on your weight loss!” However, there are comments like, “You look so skinny!” or “Wow, look how small you are now.” The second set of comments are ones that are best handled by avoidance. Losing weight and adapting a healthy lifestyle is not about being skinny; it’s about looking good and feeling good within your body. Once “body labels” are added to compliments, it takes away the importance of why your journey began in the first place. So, the next time someone decides to comment (instead of compliment) your new body, simply smile and keep it moving!

5. Be a Role Model to Someone Else

The best motivation for maintaining a healthy lifestyle is having support. You may not know it but your health and lifestyle change could inspire someone else to do the same. You never know who your journey may inspire, it could be a classmate, friend, or even a parent. There is always someone who will admire the courage and strength that it took you to get where you are today. So, when you feel like your new body isn’t perfect, or you feel that you haven’t done enough, remember that because of you, someone else is embracing a healthier lifestyle.

Now, that you have your five tips on accepting your new body enjoy it sista’, because this is just the beginning!

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