copyAli Express is website full of Chinese vendors who are looking to put a little bit of money in their pockets by selling wholesale items, one of a kind items, knock off’s and “virgin hair”. It seems as though purchasing “virgin” hair from Ali Express is the new thing to do. What attracts most people to Ali Express’ “virgin” hair vendors are the cheap prices and different hair types. You can purchase everything from Indian straight to Malaysian Curly. Now, I want to give you all the 411 about Ali Express hair and their vendors as well as what to be aware of.

  • Know that 99.4% of the hair is NOT virgin, nor is it Indian, Brazilian or Malaysian. It is often processed Chinese hair. If it is curly, it is probably steam processed to achieve the curl.
  • Not all of the vendors are crooks.
  • Not all of the hair is “bad”.
  • Make sure that before you purchase something from a vendor, they have made 100+ transactions, they have a high rating and that the comments are real. Usually, automatic feedback is left from the vendors if a customer fails to leave feedback. It will usually say something like “Good” or “Great”, what you want to look for are legit feedbacks that tell you about the hair.
  • Only purchase from vendors that offer DHL, unless you don’t mind waiting weeks/months for your item(s) to arrive.
  • When ordering from Ali Express, consider the Escrow option that allows you to pay after the product has been shipped.
  • Communicate with your vendor! Message them and let them know exactly what you want!
  • Don’t be afraid to ask questions. If your vendor does not get back to you within 24 hours reconsider purchasing from them.
  • DO YOUR RESEARCH! Make a list of hair vendors that you might be interested. Consider their ratings and prices. There are HUNDREDS of videos on youtube that give reviews on vendors and hair that they purchased from them. I have a few videos on my Youtube account as well.
  • BEWARE OF LOW RATED VENDORS! Just because the hair looks nice in the picture, chances are, there are 50 other vendors with that same picture. Also, you’re investing your money in this hair; don’t “experiment” with a low rated vendor.

I have purchased hair from Ali Express three different times from two different vendors. Each batch came with a different experience. I have made my hair last for more than 3 months even through some shedding and matting but it was well worth it and nobody ever knew(Vendor #1). I personally feel as though investing $100 on 4-5 bundles of Ali Express hair is better than spending $200+ on one pack of Beauty Supply Store hair that only lasts a month. (I will do an article on that very soon.) Leave me a comment if you think I left something out or if your have any questions or comments.

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    1. i had buy 3 bundles 30 inche in ali express it was good i bleach it as long you know how to take care it

  1. Have you ever gotta anything from amazon? I bought best buy box hair from them and i loved it. I got 2 x 28 and 2 x 30. it was 379. It was a little expensive so im wondering if you know anything a little cheaper

    1. Have you ever tried they have some great bundle deals? I have had in my Brazilian curly hair for a few months now and I love it.

    2. Lmao we go…cheaper…always cheap azzez..looking for good stuff..never gonna happen..get jobs!

  2. i tried fashionably late hair and it was pretty good , i had no problems compared to my tragic experience with ali express ugh!

  3. I have ordered many, many times from Aliexpress. I especially like Luxy Hair. This is my sixth order with them. So far, I have had nothing but good experiences. Others I tried, were just ok.

  4. 100 bucks for 4-5 bundles of hair?? That’s a lie..there’s no way in hell the hair you got was good hair..please don’t talk out your azz because there’s no way one bundle of real virgin quality going to cost 25 bucks!to get one bundle at 100 bucks will not be raw hair..problem is..CHEAP want the real shit but don’t want to pay for stop complaining about the damn chinese hair..because REAL brazilian hair runs several hundred dollars…it’s extremely hard to get the real deal now because of supply and demand! So stop being so damn cheap..and make an investment in your bald ass heads and shut up already..I swear all black woman do is complain..just shut up..get better jobs and y’all can afford the real deal boo

    1. GET. A. LIFE. it’s women like you who Make us all look bad Your pprobably the same one who spend hundreds and thousands of dollars on fake hair and your real hair is shot to hell, dry, split ends, shedding, thin and won’t grow. You sound like a thot getting all worked up because these women choose to buy affordable hair which is probably the same hair you have its just marked up and repackaged. Have a seat pine cone head

    2. Clearly you have issues….there is nothing wrong with looking for a bargain…she clearly stated that while the hair was less expensive she wasn’t expecting it to last for years but the months that it lasted it was good quality…The problem with women like u is that you get a job make a little money and figure u can afford to spend a little extra on yourself…OK that’s fine…bit don’t act like you have been “rolling in the dough” all the time….and I never once saw where she bad mouthed any vendor….I’m no expert but I’ve ordered from aliexpress before myself and I have had my hair for 2 years as well as my closure….I paid about 45 bucks for my closure and I have had no problems with it…I just gave the wig I made with it away….there’s no need to be rude…that’s the problem with black women like you…they get somewhere and get a little something and then they forget what got them there…before they could afford the virgin hair fantasy and the heat free hair and the onyc and princess hair shop hair they had to wear beauty supply store hair just like everyone else…And news flash …the same vendors we buy from on aliexpress are some of the same wholesale vendors that your precious hair companies buy their hair from for cheap and sell to you for “several hundred dollars”. Its just like the Michale Kors and designer handbags that are sold at marshalls and stores like Ross…a lot of people think they are fake…they are in fact the real thing however they are ones that were made with slight mistakes that are not visible to the normal shoppers eye but are to the High end retailers eye. So they sell them to regular store at discounted prices which makes them affordable to us. So what if the thread is a little crooked whose going to notice or care that much. You get good quality without paying top dollar…bow it may not be fresh off the Macy’s or Nordstrom rack but its still a good quality bag…same thing with the hair…it may not be top of the line but it comes from the same vendors just of a little lower quality still good hair just won’t last as long…looks like you need to rethink your priorities….I’d rather have more money in my pocket than sewn on my head……

  5. First of all not everyone has money to blow in weave. It’s called priorities. I will spend $200 on groceries rather than hair, so that has nothing to do with being a cheap ass. If getting my hair from China means saving money to provide for other things for my family then so be it. Second, I’ve ordered hair from aliexpress, and I didn’t have a good experience… But I have friends that have bought from vendors other than the one I chose where they were very happy and continue to buy hair from China. Thanks for the article.

    1. hey =) what vendors or place did you get yours from? =) Im looking for something cheap too not to sound cheap but dang like mad hair be all expensive and im not tryna waist 300 bucks on all that

  6. I order a wrong hair from Eiffel or Wei Wei pay to resend show them my receipt and tracking # and now I do not get my refund it’s been 2 months now Aliexpress a thief

  7. When you need 2yrs plus call Lorna 301 327 1102 ladies! No one knows About this industry as I do, I designed that fake grade system it was stolen off my website 5 to 6 yrs ago, I lived in those factories day and night, I’ve learnt the mess true about this industry and its very ugly! I will expose it and all will start claiming their hair is custom made as we do now . We do not and will not order from China mass production load of crap dead hairs!!! ,Ladies, You all must stop buying chinese hair asap! We’re rebranding and redesigning our sites, making layaway available weekly or monthly! Lets chat, fre consultation,
    301 327 1102, plz text best time to call back and your reason for calling to begin our session. , I tried changing the quality before but ladies was so stuck on cheap hairs, our sales when down and general quality was added back ,but it was before my research was completed , Also this is as new as 24hrs ago, That I concluded am sure its unhealthy hairs and its chemical content cause scalp damage resulting hair lost for years its been fed into the community and the issue given a name #Alopecia , I can not and will not sell it to you all…even if zero sales until new clients find us from google! Refuse to keep selling that messs and it really is a mess dress up pretty with chemicals! Its long story, I am not going anywhere and I will be apart of the change for healthy hair sourcing! No chinese dead hairs!

    1. I’m glad to hear that! Most people have no idea where there hair is coming from and for some people it’s a sad experience and they are forced into it.

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