7mythsHere are the top 7 myths about Black Hair! Has anyone every told you any of the following?

Myth 1:  Natural Hair Is Healthier Than Relaxed Black Hair

Properly maintained hair is the only form of Healthy Hair! Relaxed and natural hair can get hair breakage if not properly maintained.

Myth 2:  Hair grows faster when you trim it.

No, trimming your hair only keeps hair from breaking off. Trimming split ends does not make your hair grow faster but not trimming split ends will force split ends to travel up the hair shaft creating hair breakage.


Myth 3:  Black Hair Is Strong

Unfortunately no, black hair is actually the weakest of all hair types. Black hair has a fragile internal structure which makes it more susceptible to breakage due to the dry nature of the follicle.

Myth 5:  Grease Is The Best Moisturizer For My Scalp

Nope, the best moisturizer for your black hair is actually water.  Most grease products are made up of petroleum and mineral oil which clog your scalp and attract dirt to your hair. Water based moisturizers are great for penetration of your black hair and oils are good for sealing in the moisture.


Myth 6:  Black Hair Grows Slow

Black Hair grows an average of 1/2 an inch every month or 6-inches a year like every other race. But proper care is key!  You might not be retaining the length due to chemical abuse, dryness, excessive heat styling and a general lack of proper care.

Myth 7:  Black Hair Can’t Grow Long

Crazyness!  There is a common absolutely false myth in the black community that hair can’t grow long in its natural and relaxed state.  Black hair can grow long and healthy as long as you treat it with proper care and follow a regimen that works for you.

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  1. the whole healthy hair term is so flawed. natural hair is a more healthier alternative for a person opposed to relaxed. I do agree that both hair states can be well preserved and grow tremendous lengths but natural hair is a healthier alternative. relaxers damage the hair follicles and irritate the sebaceous glands and you wont be saying healthy hair when a girl has see through hair that is bsl. Natural hair has better elasticity than relaxed hair by miles.

  2. There are pro’s and con’s to both Natural Hair and Relaxed hair. This topic is very controversial and I understand your view point on natural hair being healthier than relaxed hair but I must say it all comes down to maintenance. In the myths I used the word Healthy Hair and related it the below description:

    Healthy Hair: Strong adj. Elastic, resilient, resistant to breakage

    There are people who have healthy relaxed hair and healthy natural but the main point I was trying to make that no matter if your hair is relaxed on natural proper maintenance is key in the success of achieving healthy hair. Understanding your hair and the maintenance it needs is the first step in understanding the strength of it. Relaxed and Natural both have challenges; however, both can be attractive, strong, and gorgeous with the proper care.

  3. what happened to myth 4

    and i agree with the above commenter, relaxed hair by definition can never be considered healthy, it is damaged during the relaxer process; the bonds in the hair are DAMAGED, BROKEN DOWN to get it to a relaxed state.

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