new-years-resolutionsWe’re two months into 2013. That gym membership, fitness equipment, craft project, journal, book, or vacation deposit may be still waiting and untouched. Over the course of the last 18 months, I’ve lost 112lbs. Spring, Summer and Fall have come and gone but I’m so glad I pushed forward each day and now reaping the benefits.

What makes us start something but not finish it?

-Fear …?

– Anxiety ….?

– Lack of support and or accountability …?

– Lack of planning….?

Once you’ve pin-pointed your issue/excuse; make it happen! Time is going to pass no matter what. It’s what your do or don’t do that makes the difference.

When you start feeling lazy about your goal ask yourself some of these questions:

–       What need does this goal fill?

–       What change when this goal is completed?

–       Will my goal inspire others?

–       How will my goal affect my 5yr/10yr plan?


To be successful in your 2013 goals, budget it, schedule it and MAKE IT HAPPEN! You will experience a calmer, happier and healthier relationship with yourself and others because of it.


live, Learn, LOVE,


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