Ladies love curls. The bigger the better, just ask Beyonce! But what happens when your beautiful virgin hair curls decide to drop and never come back? Or you want to curl your straight hair but no amount of Curlformers, flexi-rods or curling wands will get you looking like this?

Rihanna's big sexy curls


You follow my boiling technique of course, and thank me later.


  • Set a pan of water on the stove. Add a little conditioner a few drops of oil, and bring to the boil. 
  • Get a roll of foil, and shape it in to rods. To do this, you cut the foil in to medium rectangles and squeeze it into a rod. The size of the rod you make will determine the size of the curls. You could use your bendy rollers instead, but plastic can burn in the pot! I know good looking hair is a serious matter but we don’t want any house fires so I advise you use foil rods.
  • This works best oh hair that is no longer than 16″.  You can do this with most types of hair, apart from synthetic.


  •  Hold up the weave track that you would like to curl. Brush the hair out and separate it into sections about an inch wide.
  • Roll the hair around with your fingers before you put it on the rod to keep things neat. This also creates that gorgeous spiral effect.
  • Take the foil rod and roll the end of the hair on to the end of the foil rod. Fold the foil rod over to keep it secure.
  • Wind the hair round the rod very tightly, you want no spaces. It should look a bit like a Bantu Knot.
  • Do this till you get to the top of the tracks, where the weft is. Then use the end of the foil rod to wrap around the top of the hair you have just wrapped. This will stop it from unravelling in the pan. Then, repeat!
  • Once all your hair is on the rods, put it in the boiling pan of water. Don’t be shy, just toss it in. Cover the pan and leave it for about an hour and a half to two hours.
  • As soon as the hair is done, take it out carefully and put it in a towel. Let the excess hair soak out.
  • When the hair is no longer dripping, put it on a hanger and leave it to air dry. I’m not ratchet enough to peg my hair outside on the line but if you are, do it! Send me pictures.
  • When the hair is dry, take off the rods. Install the hair. Morph into Bad-Mama-Jama mode.

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