detangleProperly conditioning and detangling transitioning hair is the main factor in maintaining the relaxed ends without breakage.  It is important to deep condition your transitioning hair to soften the two textures for ease in styling and to prevent breakage. It is equally important to be very gentle; the demarcation point where your natural texture meets you relaxed hair is the weakest part of your hair. Make sure take your time you detangle your hair if ofcourse you want to keep a head full of healthy hair!
Leave in Conditioner  – Shea Butter Leave-in Conditioner by Cantu
Shampoo – Argan Shampoo by Cream of Nature
Conditioner – Macadamia Oil Conditioner by Hask
Plastic Cap – Can buy at any local beauty supply
Detangler -Knot Today by Kinky Curly
Brush or Wide Tooth Comb – Derman Brush
Plastic Clamps – Can buy at any local beauty supply
How I washed, conditioned, and detangled
Step 1
Apply leave in conditioner to hair and detangle with fingers before washing. This will help apply moisture that you may of lacked before washing your hair.
Step 2
Wash out the leave-in conditioner by completely saturating hair with water.
Saturating hair in water
Step 3
Apply shampoo to wet hair and  massage into hair and scalp. You want your hair to lather. Shampoo atleast twice before moving on the next step. You want to ensure you have a clean and residue free scalp and hair.
Shampoo in hair


Step 4
Wash shampoo out throughly and then put a handful of conditioner and apply thoroughly to hair and scalp.


Step 5
Lightly detangle with your fingers then put on a plastic cap.


plastic cap


Step 6
Sit under the dryer for atleast 20 minutes, or refer to the conditoner’s directions.

Sit under Dryer with plastic capStep 7
Wash out conditioner throughly. There should be no residue of conditioner.Conditioner washoutStep 8Apply detangling product to freshly washed and conditioned hair. I used Knot Today by Kinky Curly, I find that it makes my hair very soft and manageable.




Step 9

Separate hair into four (4) sections with fingers, and clip each section with wet end tucked in.  For thicker hair separate into six (6) or eight (8) sections. Separating into sections is much less stressful than trying to detangle your whole head at once.




Step 10

Take one section at a time and use a derman brush or wide tooth comb to detangle. Start at the ends and work up towards the roots. Never start at the roots down, you will have a very hard time and also break off hair. This step requires gentle hands and damp hair.  Once done with one section twist or braid the section just finished. This will prevent it from tangling up again.





Optional – Step 11

Style as desired. Below I put in two strand twist, took out the next day.

two strand twist



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