5 Things We Can Learn from the Burning My Hair Off Viral Video

Burning my hair off

┬áHave you seen the now viral video of Tori burning her hair off clean with a curling wand? It’s hilarious for so many reasons. I think because she’s White and we know her hair will grow back pretty fast, much of our remorse is thrown at the window after 5 seconds of feeling sorry for her. Once you get over laughing at Tori’s tragic misfortune, there’s definitely some things you can take away from the video.

1. Outside of a light heat protectant, don’t apply products prior to applying direct head to your hair. Definitely not oils or products with alcohol in them. *snap**crackle**pop* are not the sounds you want to be hearing when apply your curling iron to your hair. Cause *sizzle**sizzle* with a clump of hair in your hands is what follows right after.

2. Never set your curling/flat iron to HIGH or the highest heat in general. You don’t want to apply heat over 380 degrees, otherwise you’re frying your hair.

3. Curl/Flat iron your hair under 375 degrees, in order to get a manicured look you will have to do your hair in smaller sections. Even with high heat settings, smaller sections are still necessary. Don’t get lazy so fast, stick to doing your hair in small sections so that your thorough in achieving whatever look you’re going after.

4. 20 seconds or longer! OH NO!! When Tori was curling her fine hair up into that curling wand and said “yeah hold it for like 20 seconds…or longer”, clearly that didn’t work out for her. 10 seconds should be more than enough – and another reason why you need to do your hair in small sections.

5. Don’t apply direct heat to sopping wet hair. It’s another way to burn off your hair from all the smoke the heat will produce once it hits your hair. Let it air dry or take a blow dryer to hit on medium to low heat first.

Hope these tips help! Now watch the video one more ‘gain and enjoy a good laugh!

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