writingteamBlackHairKitchen is set to take over the Black hair care scene. And we need your help!

BHK is looking for writers to cover all aspects of Black hair care. As women of color we don’t have a real outlet that speaks to the diversity in our hair care. Sure there are several websites for the natural hair community, but what about when you need information on a weave? No one over here is shading the sister with the relaxer. What if you want to figure out how to achieve Rihanna’s latest hair cut or how to get the perfect bob like Michelle Obama? Makeup and beauty tips for the lady on a budget? Can I get it on a website that is easy to navigate and offers thorough information? That is what BlackHairKitchen is here for!

If you would like to be a part of the team, just shot us an email [info(@)blackhairkitchen.com]. Please include what category you would like to primarily write for (natural, relaxed, wigs, weaves, braids/locs, healthy, beauty) with a short writing sample or link to your best article and a picture of yourself rocking a style that fits into your category of choice. We ready to get this ball rolling and do some things, so join the BHK team! I promise it will be a fun ride.

Published by Jouelzy

Jouelzy is a vlogger & writer who advocates for the #SmartBrownGirl. You can catch up on the movement at YouTube or catch more of her writing on her personal blog.

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