Although virgin hair is the current trend, the price of virgin hair doesn’t fit into everyone’s budget. We’re on the verge of a fiscal cliff, barely out of a recession and although the job market is improving it’s just not that same as it was when Clinton was making late night talk show rounds playing the saxophone. So rather than stretch yourself thin to try or leave beyond your means by trying to fit in with all the ladies who are rocking 30 inches of some exotic hair, make due with what you have. It’s not about how much you spend because you can make inexpensive hair look great.

Here’s a quick video, that shows you some of the basic human hair selections that are available at most beauty supply stores:

While some will contend that Milky Way is a decent hair. Yeah, I’m still not conceding on that. The Milky Way brand makes some GREAT synthetic hair (Freetress or Equal) but their human hair products leave a lot to be desired. You can find other brands at a similar price point that offer more bang for the buck like Outre or Janet Collection.

What about synthetic hair? Synthetic hair is a great option that is extremely budget friendly. Especially if you’re just starting out with a weave or you like to switch your look up often. There’s some decent options out that that will provide you with super cute look. Here’s some quick tips to remember:

1. Synthetic hair has a short install lifespan. Around 3-4 weeks, some can stretch it to 6 weeks.
2. Synthetic hair looks better and more believable at shorter lengths. Keep it cute and at shoulder length.
3. Remember that the hair will be shiny, so stay away from hair that has super uniformed curls as it won’t look realistic.
4. Be scissor happy and contour the hair to fit your face. Curls will drop, so don’t be afraid to snip the hair as you go a long.

There’s far too many synthethic brands to even began a list here. But you can check out my $30 budget weave series for a small sampling of the various brands and curl patterns that are out their for under $30. My personal favorite is the Freetress Oasis Curls, it will give you all times of Lady Obama tease.

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