Curlformers on 4C Natural Hair + Oyin Handmade Review!

Who hasn’t heard about Curlformers! Everyone has been doing reviews and tutorials on Curlformers, but where’s the 4C love at? I reached out to Curlformers and they were kind enough to send me a back to try out. I went with the long/wide set (pink + orange) because I was originally thinking I wanted to be able to use them for a very long time, no matter the length of my hair and I wanted to use it on my weaves. I did use them on my Select Strands wig that I made and in the review video for the hair, I mention how much I absolutely LOVED the results. What about on my real hair?

Now I’ve heard all sorts of crazy questions that made me a bit scared to use the Curlformers. Like, do they rip your hair out? I mean *tilts head to the side* after using them, I’m really wondering who managed to rip their hair out with them and how super careless/lazy/impatient were they being? Cause ma’am these things are SIMPLE to use. I think it might be the whole needle hook that you have to use but it looks a lot more daunting then it really is. You can check out my video below to see how I used them and the results I acheived. Continue reading “Curlformers on 4C Natural Hair + Oyin Handmade Review!”

Cute + Lazy: My Honeychild Type 4 Hair Creme (For Coarse Hair)

Happy New Year all! The past few weeks, I’ve been bored and lazy as I’m in between jobs and still adjusting to living in the suburbs (blah!). So to get over my inertia, I’ve been working out via the Insanity program. That means lots of sweat and sweat = water. Water on my coarse hair = shrinkage. Shrinkage = not cute. But who’s finna let a lil bit of moisture get in the way of my healthy? Not I, said Jouelzy. I don’t even know how I decided to do this hair style. I knew that I didn’t want to be bothered. I knew that I didn’t want to spend more than 30 minutes post washing messing in my hair and I knew that I still wanted to be cute even if I wasn’t leaving the house (I mean I have an Instagram to maintain!!). So I decided to do a chunky bantu knot out.

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Work Week Natural Hair Styles & 4C Natural Hair Entwine Review

Working 40 hours a week and having your hair done everyday is a lot of work. Especially if you have 4C natural hair that is prone to dryness and therefore needs to be re-moisturized every few days. I’ve used the Entwine Couture line of products previously in my 4C Guide to Curls series and they are some bomb products, so when they contacted me about reviewing their products again, I was on it! Yes ma’am! Their Exotiqüe Butter-Crème Hydrator is one of my FAVORITE moisturizers. It leaves your hair super soft with a great shine and will last for up to 5 days. It’s also a great moisturizer for the winter time because it has the right balance of humectants to keep your hair moisturized without counteracting in the cold air. Continue reading “Work Week Natural Hair Styles & 4C Natural Hair Entwine Review”

Coloring Your Hair the Healthy Way #JPYO

Coloring your hair is an easy way to switch up your look and add a bit of spice. However, whether natural or relaxed using permanent dyes can dry out your hair and cause permanent damage. So how do you add color while keeping your hair healthy? HENNA

Yes, Henna does take a bit longer and needs a bit more clean up however it’s a great healthy alternative to adding lush color to your locks. Speaking of lush, I LOVE Lush Cosmetics henna because it already comes in blocks of cocoa butter that help to condition your hair. You can also purchase the traditional powder format of henna, and just add oil/deep conditioner to the henna. Either forms of henna, you mix down with hot water or tea/coffee depending on the color your trying to achieve and let it sit in your hair for up to 4 hours.

The tricky part is washing out the henna. Patience my friend, patience. Patience is the key to long, healthy hair….seriously. So with patience it’s going to take a few rinses to wash out the henna, because it turns into dusty bits….like washing sand out of your hair. So use a sulfate-free shampoo and rinse…3-4 times. Then condition as normal.

Don’t fret if you don’t achieve the color your want on the first try. Henna builds color up, so it might take a few attempts, especially if you are trying to go lighter. But it’s totally worth it and I LOVE the way my hair feels after I use henna. #JouelzyPutYouOn

Be sure to check my HOW TO HENNA video

Koils By Nature Product Review for 4C Natural Hair

Yes, I am slowly catching up on all my product reviews. And here we are with the Koils By Nature product line. KBN is owned by Pamela Jenkins, who is one tall ball of fun and she does great workshops/events on natural hair care. If you can catch an event that she’s at, she’s definitely worth hearing speak. And of course I have to plug that she will be speaking at my Beyond Kinky hair event in Atlanta, Georgia this month!

Check out my video below and of course, there will be individual, detailed product reviews posted on BlackHairKitchen! I’ll update this post with links as I put the reviews up! Girl, I am so behind it’s horrible. In the mean time, in between time…check out some of the pictures of the va-va-voom hair I achieved with KBN!

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Favorite Product Series: Shampoo for 4C Natural Hair

Oy vey! I’m starting a new series where I will be highlighting my favorite products one by one, because no one (that’s a gross exaggeration) likes to hit that search feature on my channel and look up my previous, in great detail, favorite products video. The point is, I read the comments – sometimes to my own detriment cause as you can see on this video when I start replying ish gets rowdy – and I’ve noticed that consistently I get asked what my favorite product is. So rather than replying to every question with “check my channel” (that get’s old so fast) I’m doing this series. Even in my own snarky way, I still loves the people. This format should make it easier to find, digest, comprehend and deduce why I choose each product and how that’ is applicable to you and your hair needs.

I’m not advocating for you to go buy these products and add to your product junkism. Be an educated shopper and if you already have products to suit your needs, then save your coins. But please listen to why I choose these products, because if you’re in need for something similar and said product isn’t available in your area or to your wallet, then you can find alternative products with ease. Continue reading “Favorite Product Series: Shampoo for 4C Natural Hair”

Product Review: OBIA Curl Enhancing Custard


So recently I got my hands on some OBIA Curl Enhancing Custard. I had a chance to use this with a couple of different styles, and I actually like it a lot. It comes in a basic little plastic tub and it has a really nice smell. It’s sweet, but not too perfume-y.

The jar suggests that you use this product: “to define curls, to smooth edges, or to aid in up-do styles.” I decided to take the jar’s advice and try this product in all three of these styling scenarios. First, I used the Curl Enhancing Custard to smooth my edges. I just put a decent amount on my fingers and smoothed it upward to put my hair in a bun. I used a brush to try and get that super slick look that I’ve seen others achieve. I really like the way this product smells. I also like the texture; it reminds me of vanilla pudding.


IMAG1032One thing I noticed about this product is that my hair still felt like my hair after I used it. Instead of the crunchy, plastic-like feel that gel can sometimes leave on my hair, this gel did smooth my bun out without giving me an icky feeling. However, I did not get the super slick look I was going for. Even when I tried using the product later, no matter how much of the gel I used, my hair was not shiny and, while my hair was really smooth at first, after a few minutes my hair began to frizz up again on the edges. Now, I am not really too concerned about this—I’ve never really been concerned with laying my edges down flat, so long as my hair looks neat. However, I know that many of you out there may want a gel with better hold, so if you are looking for a product with a lot of hold, this is not the one.

IMAG1035Unfortunately, I haven’t yet had a chance to try this product in place of a setting lotion, but perhaps it will work better for setting curls or twist-outs. I really do appreciate the moisture it leaves in my hair, though. I used it in my French braids a few days later, after my hair was washed, and it did a pretty good job of keeping my braids nice and tight.

I also used this product, again on freshly washed hair, to define my curls. Now, this concept of “curl definition” is not really something that I am used to seeing with my hair. I’ve heard a lot of women with hair like mine say that they don’t really have a curl pattern, but I’ve found that I do have a curl pattern, it’s just very tight and uniform. With this product, i was actually able to keep my tiny curls super defined throughout the day.

So, with this Curling Custard, I just followed the instructions on the jar and i rubbed a generous amount of product on my hands and then started shaping my ‘fro like I normally would. I did try to scrunch a little extra product into my hair a bit to make sure my hair was evenly coated, but mostly I just shaped like I normally would and the product on my hands transferred onto my hair. The result was a rather nice, curly afro:


I suppose many would call this a wash-and-go, and my technique was pretty much the same, but I just call it a curly “fro, since that’s really all it is on my hair texture. So this product did a nice job of making my curl pattern stand out, I think. Although, when my hair was dry the curls were a little stiff in some places where the product was more saturated, but the hair was still soft even though it was a little stiff. It wasn’t that crunchy, burnt-barbie-hair effect that gels sometimes produce on the hair. Overall, I was really pleased with the results. This was my favorite use for the Custard.

So, if I were to rate this product, I would give it a 4/5, at least for us tightly-coiled ladies. I think for those of you with a looser curl pattern, you may really like this product for up-dos and smoothing, etc. If you’re looking for a new product to try think this product is definitely worth picking up.

Obia Natural Custard retails for $15.00. 


Favorite Product(s) for 4C Natural Hair: Moisturizer

The question I get asked the most…how do I moisturize my 4C natural hair? What can those poor poor souls with the extra crunchy coils use to get their soft and moisturized. The emails from ladies who are at their wits ends with their hair, I see them all. And here’s the answer ladies! Continue reading “Favorite Product(s) for 4C Natural Hair: Moisturizer”

Afro-Kinky Wig/Weave: Finally All the Details!

So folks have been asking and I’ve been holding back on the details for the afro-kinky wig that I’ve been rocking for the past couple of weeks, because I knew there would be quite a few negative comments with regards to the brand and many of them would be completely warranted.

I decided that for the rest of the winter I for the most part would be rocking protective styles, because my hair has been going through it. Between hormonal changes (birth control, moving/stress) and this harsh cold weather my hair has been shedding like crazy and have not the time for any of it. And so protective styling it is, except we all know I love some big hair, so my version of protective styling will always include some form of extensions. This time I decided to return to my big curly hair look that I use to work regularly circa ’09. I was on a budget and I really wanted to avoid buying this brand of hair, but I really couldn’t find another brand that was accessible and at this price point that I knew my hair would blend with. Plus, I didn’t really want to have to wait to have the hair delivered either so off to the beauty supply store (BSS) I went and out I walked with Continue reading “Afro-Kinky Wig/Weave: Finally All the Details!”

Favorite Product(s) for 4C Natural Hair: Deep Conditioner

Deep conditioning your hair is the base for great hair care, especially if you suffer from super dry, impossible to moisturize hair. If you are not properly deep conditioning it can be the root of problems with your natural hair. Deep conditioning preps your hair for moisture retention and your hair should feel soft post a good DC, requiring less product to style and moisturize.

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