How To Care For Your Hair Underneath the Weave

protect-weaveWeaves make great protective styles and last for many weeks. Taking care of your real hair underneath your weave is very important to achieve healthy hair and retain length. Many people are guilty of neglecting their hair underneath their weaves. Thus resulting in dry and brittle hair as well as little to no length retention when it comes time to remove your weave. If you have ever questioned why this may be the result of one of your take downs; you might be guilty of not taking care of your hair underneath your weaves. Continue reading “How To Care For Your Hair Underneath the Weave”

The Best Weaves for Big Curly Hair

That big curly hair is always a much requested look. We know that it’s typically popular during the summer time, but ya know we decided we would give the ladies a heads up and chance to save their coins up, so they can shake their 10 ozs of freshness with the best of them. Most of the celebs with the curls we all want as wearing weaves/extensions that are styled into voluminous curls, especially when you see looks such as Corrine Bailey Rae’s hair, where her hair transcends from flowing waves into soft curls. First will give you tips on the hair you can buy on a budget and high end. Then some styling tips on how to manipulate your hair into that perfect full body curl.

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One simple word. One unconscious act. We do it anyway. Yet sometimes we neglect to realize just how vitally important breathing is.

The other day traveling to my doctor’s office for my annual physical, I was stuck behind—on two different occasions—not one, but two slow moving vehicles. To know me means you know my blood was singing in my veins well on its way to hitting some note that’s off the register; I’m talking higher than a note Rachelle Ferrell can hit in REM sleep.

Why is it when you need to be somewhere at a given time, obstacles pop up invariably slowing down your progress? Good question. Another post; not this one. Now if I’m being truthful, I was running late. Left the house, drove a few blocks, realized I’d forgotten the daughter’s school medical form I needed to drop off at her pediatrician, swung a U. When I finally made it to my appointment, I was ten minutes late. Sat my butt in the waiting room where I remained for another ten. Ask me if I took a breath.

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“Mom, I don’t like my hair poofy!” Oh my!

As a mother whose daughter attends a predominately white school, I knew one day when she was older, I would be faced with the question hidden inside a rather telling statement: “Mom, I want my hair to be straight like my friends. Why is my hair so big and poofy? I don’t like it poofy.”

And so it begins . . .

I realize sharing this may paint me as a villainous mother who hasn’t consciously shared with her daughter, and son for that matter, the amazeness they were born into as African Americans. That assertion would be erroneous. Despite my best efforts, from womb till now, I’ve shared the greatness of their heritage reflected in their names and discussed at many an occasion, sometimes daily, much to their annoyance. The fact that we are different isn’t something to be eschewed, but embraced. Continue reading ““Mom, I don’t like my hair poofy!” Oh my!”

Why Knowing Your Hair Type Will Help with Relaxers

relaxed hairMost of us are use to hearing the hair type discussion come up only in the natural hair community. But it can also be a valuable resource to ladies who relax their hair.

I spent many a years, feeding into the myth that I needed the extra, extra, EXTRA strength relaxer in order to get my hair straight. I couldn’t for the life of me figure out what to do to keep my new growth at bay and thought there was some magic secret to the girls who were able to go 3-6 months in between relaxers. (Sidenote: If you can go six months without a relaxer…uhhh why are you getting one in the first place? Hit that flatiron beaux) In the process I was over processing my hair, burning my scalp and still wasn’t able to slick down my hair with just water + jam (lol @ the goals I had in middle school)! I thought I was out growing my relaxer too fast or I needed a stronger relaxer, when none of that was the case. Continue reading “Why Knowing Your Hair Type Will Help with Relaxers”

Playing by the Rules: Job Interviews and Natural Hair

naturalinterviewsGetting ready for a job interview used to be fairly simple because I play by all the traditional rules:

1) Navy blue skirt suit (because studies indicate that people who wear navy suits are more productive and get more positive results)

2) Black closed-toe pumps (I keep two of the exact same pair on hand at all times), no sling-backs, no stilettos, no glitz, and no glamour

3) Shirt options: White button down, red blouse or blue oxford button down

4) Flesh colored stockings (imagine trying to find those for women of color in a predominately white town)

5) Pearl stud earrings

6) Hair— cut, layered, flat-ironed, feathered and flipped.

7) Pause and remember that I wear my hair natural now! I can’t follow the rules! How should I wear my hair for interviews?! Continue reading “Playing by the Rules: Job Interviews and Natural Hair”

BHK’s Favorite Inauguration Moments


The historic celebration of Martin Luther King Day served as the fitting backdrop for the second inauguration of Barack Obama as the 44th President of the United States of America. But of course the day after everyone is squabbling over lip synching and side eyes. Yes, the important stuff! Inauguration day provided plenty of moments that just make you love the Obama’s even more. They are just such a genuine and lovely family, it’s great to not just see them as beautiful representation of the Black family but also to know that they represent well in one of the highest spots one can hold in a lifetime, as the first family. Moving on from our gush fest, let’s highlight our FIVE favorite moments, in gifs and pics, from the 2013 Inauguration. Continue reading “BHK’s Favorite Inauguration Moments”

How To Wash Your Weave

I have been known to keep weaves for a long time, so long that I’m a source of wonder amongst my friends. I currently own some weaves I have had since 2010 and what is my secret?

I wash my hair.

I’m not even trying to be funny here. Those girls you see, with the candy floss looking hair and the pungent smell that follows, we all know they don’t wash their hair. However, I know people who in 2013 insist that you don’t have to wash your your weave often and quite frankly this makes me want to weep. In my opinion, if you paid good money for the weave, it follows that you should take good care of it too.

Nonetheless, this isn’t a rant. I know a lot of ladies have problems with washing their hair while its in a weave, and whether your hair underneath is relaxed or natural, the following guide should make the process a lot quicker and easier to understand.

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Happy Birthday FLOTUS: Michelle Obama Rocks a New ‘Do for Her B’day

michelleToday is First Lady Michelle Obama’s 49th Birthday! She’s one of BHK’s favorite Capricorn and we’re always eyeing her style and that head full of bouncy hair of hers. Today Michelle brought in her new birthday by officially joining Twitter and one of her first tweet’s shows our First Lady rocking a kind of new ‘do. Michelle O. with bangs…how do you like?

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Destiny’s Child New Single: Nuclear

Beyoncé is back to claim the throne as king or kang, however you want to pronounce it. And she’s brought along her background singers, better known as Destiny’s Child to do it. No really, all shade, tea and jokes aside this track is ah-mazing and wonderful at the same damn time. Produced by Pharell, “Nuclear”, delivers a 90’s bedroom vibe, that smoothly meshes all the ladies vocals. You just want to keep hitting repeat. Slightly makes me think baby sis Solange’s lastest musical endeavors inspired them to take a trip, with a bit more up beat down, 90’s memory lane.  Continue reading “Destiny’s Child New Single: Nuclear”