Re-Energizing New Years Resolutions

new-years-resolutionsWe’re two months into 2013. That gym membership, fitness equipment, craft project, journal, book, or vacation deposit may be still waiting and untouched. Over the course of the last 18 months, I’ve lost 112lbs. Spring, Summer and Fall have come and gone but I’m so glad I pushed forward each day and now reaping the benefits.

What makes us start something but not finish it?

-Fear …?

– Anxiety ….?

– Lack of support and or accountability …?

– Lack of planning….?

Once you’ve pin-pointed your issue/excuse; make it happen! Time is going to pass no matter what. It’s what your do or don’t do that makes the difference.

When you start feeling lazy about your goal ask yourself some of these questions:

–       What need does this goal fill?

–       What change when this goal is completed?

–       Will my goal inspire others?

–       How will my goal affect my 5yr/10yr plan?


To be successful in your 2013 goals, budget it, schedule it and MAKE IT HAPPEN! You will experience a calmer, happier and healthier relationship with yourself and others because of it.


live, Learn, LOVE,


How To: Detangle & Condition Transitioning Hair

detangleProperly conditioning and detangling transitioning hair is the main factor in maintaining the relaxed ends without breakage.  It is important to deep condition your transitioning hair to soften the two textures for ease in styling and to prevent breakage. It is equally important to be very gentle; the demarcation point where your natural texture meets you relaxed hair is the weakest part of your hair. Make sure take your time you detangle your hair if ofcourse you want to keep a head full of healthy hair!

Shea Moisture Curl Enhancing Smoothie Review

smsmoothieHair Type: Natural Hair & Men

Shea Moisture’s top product from their Coconut Hisbiscus line is the Curl Enhancing Smoothie and all natural, organic and creamy moisturizer where a little goes a long way. We can’t stress how little you need to get this product to work right. You either love it, like can’t live without, or you hate it, probably because you used too much of it.

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Give It To Yourself

Mirror MirrorHey beautiful. How are you today?

Don’t turn around. I’m talking to you! Yes, you … in the mirror.

All to often we seek validation, compliments, adoring looks and words of praise from spouses, peers, colleagues, friends, family members…. I can go on, but you get the general idea. We seek it from others. In many ways, sometimes daily, imploring them to acknowledge how fabulous, grand, gifted or talented we are. We can easily fall into the pit of “I do and you tell me” mode, where we’re looking for some thing, some one or some word to plug the hole in our soul and gently stroke and soothe our ego. We do great things and want others to tell us how great we are. We embody the very definition of fierce and want others to acknowledge our fierceness. Why is that? Continue reading “Give It To Yourself”

Oyin Handmade Whipped Pudding Review


Hair Type: Natural or Relaxed

This is one of those multi-purpose products. You can use it on your hair or skin. To moisturize or deep condition. Whether you’re natural or relaxed, it works in someway for just about everyone. It’s full of the all natural good stuff and smells delightful with notes of vanilla/chocolate. We’ve mostly used it to seal in the moisture. If you have medium porosity hair, you can get away with using this product all by itself. It’s heavy enough to do the job. For coarser textures Continue reading “Oyin Handmade Whipped Pudding Review”

What They Wore: 2013 Grammy’s


Who wore your favorite look at the Grammy’s last night? The usual snore fest had it’s highlights and Twitter definitely made it a lively occasion with plenty of shade throwing commentary and snarky quips. But the fashion was definitely on point last night for the most part. Continue reading “What They Wore: 2013 Grammy’s”

Beyonce’s Full Spread in Vogue’s Power Issue



Beyonce’s full Vogue spread is finally here and of course Queen Bey is slaying it in Vogue’s upcoming Power issue. As she gears up for her Mrs. Carter 2013 tour, Bey is dominating all angles of the media. Can you believe it’s been almost two years since her album, 4, was released? Who will be tuning in the HBO documentary on February 15th? We will for sure!

In the full spread for Vogue, Beyonce has a high class yet subtle look as she rocks a structured one shoulder Givenchy jacket on the cover. Oscar de la Renta, Rochas and Haider Ackermann pieces, amongst others, are featured as Beyonce’s look flows between soft & subtle and structured lines, much like Beyonce’s personality itself. Check out the photos and some behind the scenes footage! Continue reading “Beyonce’s Full Spread in Vogue’s Power Issue”

How to Palm-Roll Locs

Palm-Roll-TechniqueHow to Palm Roll

Palm-rolling: is the traditional technique to maintain locs, where all the stray hairs and parts are sectioned and rolled to tighten locs in a cylindrical motion.

Tip: This technique is best performed on freshly shampooed, conditioned, damp hair.


  1. Clips- try using the Metal Double Prong Curl Clips
  2. Product- try using Nothing But Mold & Hold Wax
  3. Water – place in a spray bottle for ease of use
  4. Comb- any small tooth comb that allows you to part your hair with precision.

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Bantu Knot Out for Your Little One

Sunday in our home is typically reserved as Mommy and Nia “pamper me” day where we’ll spend hours on all things natural hair and body. We round up product, styling aids and tools we’ll need and use, place them in the locations we’ll use them and it’s off to the sink. This routine varies if Nia’s rocking braids, mini twists or it’s henna time, then it is easily a two-day process instead of one.
This look was achieved with a Bantu Knot Out:


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How To Curl Your Hair Using the Boiling Tecnique

Ladies love curls. The bigger the better, just ask Beyonce! But what happens when your beautiful virgin hair curls decide to drop and never come back? Or you want to curl your straight hair but no amount of Curlformers, flexi-rods or curling wands will get you looking like this?

Rihanna's big sexy curls


You follow my boiling technique of course, and thank me later.

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