Guide for the Extra Kinky Coily Girl

The 4C Natural Hair Guide ...for the EXTRAKinkyCoily girl, who thought baby hairs & sleek updos would spring forth

by Jouelzy

THE 4C+ Natural Hair Guide gives you everything you need to know about fitting your natural hair into your lifestyle. Ensuring that it’s not a burden but asset to your style.  

The ultimate guide to one of the most overlooked sectors of the natural hair community. No upselling you false hope in jars of hair products. But simple and easy to apply steps to live your best life with a beautiful head of natural hair. 

Get your copy today! Only $6.99!

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Guide for the Extra Kinky Coily Girl
Photo of Jouelzy

About the Author

Jouelzy is founder of the #SmartBrownGirl™movement and digital influencer who curates dialogical conversations at the intersection of pop culture consumption, history and politics. 

Prior to launching #SmartBrownGirl™, Jouelzy was best known as a natural hair beauty guru who was all about celebrating her 4C natural hair. Though she has left the natural hair community, she compiled all the great tips she provided in an easy to read guide.