FORM Beauty is the new kid on the block of natural hair products. Black owned by Tristan Walker, FORM gives you a personal guide for what products will work with your hair. To be honest, there’s only about ten products on the lineup and the change between hair textures is usually what shampoo or conditioner they suggest. The styling products are the same for everyone, only dependent on if you style your hair with heat or not. This is a review based on type 4C natural hair.

I’m pretty lazy when it comes to my hair. I don’t want to spend anymore than an hour doing it, whether it’s styling or washing. I want it done as quick as possible. So I stretch washing and styling my hair out. The bottom line is there are no avoiding have to take steps to do Type 4 hair. But I can minimize what I need to do daily to walk out the house looking cute while keeping my hair healthy. I wash my hair then lightly moisturize and twist it to rock a headwrap for however long I feel like it. Then re-dampen and further moisturize to braid it down for cornrows that will lay flat under a wig. This is not necessary, I just like to wear wigs and this allows me to stretch and style my hair at the same time. Then when I’m ready to rock my real hair out, take out the braids, and style it, typically into a bantu knot out. It works great for me, because it allows me to do several get up and go styles over the course of week while keeping my hair in moisturized + healthy state.


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  1. I can first that I glad it’s a black owner products. I know that it’s gears toward women of color especially the 4c type. I have never heard of the brand but hopefully one day I get a chance to try it out. Thanks!

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