Bobbi Boss Bomba Senegal Faux Locs Review

Bobbi Boss Bomba Senegal Faux Locs Review

I recently self installed (crocheted) the Bobbi Boss Senegal Faux Locs and I am in LOVE. These are the skinniest pre-looped (crochet) faux locs that Bobbi Boss has to offer. The look is everything and the hair was very easy to install. I used the same braid pattern that BeautyCanBraid uses in her crochet tutorials, to give it a more natural look if I decide to wear my faux locs up in a ponytail. I cannot live the house with getting compliments!

Here are all the details:
12 packs
Colors 1, 1b, 2 (4 of each color)
Purchased from

I would STRONGLY suggest doing an ACV rinse on the hair prior to installing, this will reduce itchy scalp and soften the locs themselves as they are a bit stiff/hard out of the pack. You can also dip them in hot water after install to add some texture to the hair and allow them to look more natural.

To moisturize my hair before install I used MyHoneyChild Honey Love Moisturizer with Koils By Nature Herbal Soothing Gel, keeps my hair soft for weeks on end. And to take care of my scalp will in the crocheted style I use Carol’s Daughter Honey Mimosa Clarifying Treatment. This combination has helped my hair to grow and for my scalp to stay healthy.

4 / 5 stars     


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