Great Expectations: 4 Realistic Expectations for 4C Natural Hair

Great Expectations: 4 Realistic Expectations for 4C Natural Hair

Oh no this is not a negative post about 4C hair. The goal is for this to be helpful in setting some realistic expectations for your hair so you can overcome the hurdle of complicatedness and get to loving what God gave you. It’s all about embracing, baby.

1. Wash n’ Go’s = wash & no’s
Yeah girl but no. Wash and go’s are problematic because they lead to tangling and single strand knots but realistically since we don’t have a natural curl to define, a wash & go for us just ain’t the same. Once you get some hang time, you might be able to achieve this but since we have such a need for moisture wash ‘n goes just won’t be that easy.

2. Permanent Color
Again, moisturizing your hair in it’s natural state is work, adding permanent color further dries out your hair. That’s the last thing you want to do. I get wanting to switch up your style and express yourself, so this is not to stay that you can not color your hair fuchsia purple burgundy. Just be prepared for the task at hand.

3. Hairstyles that last all week (non-protective)
We keep talking about moisture right. Yeah that moisture thang says no ma’am this isn’t really realistic either. And I’m speaking towards hairstyles that you don’t have do a thing to for 5 days – no resetting at all. If ya find one let me know. But because your hair will need to be remoisturized and that will lead to a lost of definition, you’re going to have to reset your hair around the third or fourth day mark. You can get curls or definition to last but that dryness will definitely sneak up on you and that’s damaging to your hair.

4. Applying heat frequently.
Heat damage ain’t cute on anyone. I know stretched out/blown out looks can be tempting but there are other ways to achieve that look without the heat. Try your hand at stretching out your hair without heat. You can start by letting your hair air dry before you style it.

No go EMBRCE your hair!!



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