moxieThe number one question that I get on every single video is how do I maintain my look? How long does my hair style last? And what magical doo da and I’m doing at night to help hold my styles. This is particularly prevalent on curly hairstyles videos, and I’ve been trying out different product so that I can fully answer your question(s). The honest truth is I do my hair often, I don’t work (currently) work a regular 9-5 and so I have the flexibility to style my hair often – therefore I don’t get that caught up in it lasting. Without any holding product and depending on how small I style the curls (the smaller the curler = a tighter curl = lasts longer) I can get a curly flattwist t0 last for about 2 days. But I do read every comment left, and I try to answer questions to the best of my ability or better yet find the right solution.

Ok, so let’s get to the point. You want to know how to maintain curly hairstyles. I looked into solutions and I found the perfect one. Enter Original Moxie. I contacted them because I’ve seen people mentioning them but I couldn’t find anyone with 4C or a coarse(er) textured hair that had done a review on their product. Original Moxie is an independently owned (hi Rachel!) hair care company based out of Michigan, invested in using natural ingredients in their product. I know that’s about every natural hair care brand that’s out currently. But can I tell you how much I love a clean package design and easy to navigate website! Lawd! Allow me to veer off for a second, but by trade I work in Advertising and I specialize in all things Digital (SEO, Consumer Engagement, Social Media….etc.) And my biggest peeve within the Black hair care industry is the overdone, under thought branding that companies do with their packaging and website. Trying to figure out how to buy something? Where’s the ingredient list? What’s the difference from this product to the to the other product? Customer reviews or can I leave a review? And to get more technical clean urls, link backs, archival and navigation! Just take a peek at the Original Moxie website.

Now back to the product. so yeah. I was original sent the sample back that included the Get Clean! Shampoo, Intense Quencher Conditioner, Lux Locks Styling & Shine, Just Gel Styling Concentrate, and Twist Mist Lightweight Shine. I decided in the video to showcase the Lux Locks and Just Gel, because that’s what people have been requesting and looking for and I don’t really shampoo my hair (though I liked the shampoo — especially since it smells like strawberries) and the conditioner — I haven’t mastered the art of shooting shower scenes yet (lol!).

Check out the video to see my results!

A few more specifics.

I didn’t use a brush or comb (I know I was quite repetitive with mentioning this in the video) because I decided to give those up for the winter, posts the Tweet Chat I had with MahoganyCurls and several people mentioned that giving up the comb and brush helped with hair growth. However, I also think that had I used my Denman brush the style would have last longer as it would have prevented my ends from frizzing up so quickly.

Smaller curlers would also help to preserve this style. You can see the smaller curlers I am talking about in my 4C Guide to Curls: Cold Wave Rods. If I had used smaller curlers this style would have lasted for 4-5 days.

I also pulled the curls apart early on and could NOT keep my hands out of my hair. It was so divine I kept scrunching up my hair and we all know that the shortens the lifespan of your hairstyles.

Oh as I do with any product I try it out before I do the video…that Just Gel is great with Twists as well. I did like it with the Twist Mist that I used on a lazy day twist out.

P.S. The day I recorded the style, I had a job interview and I got the offer for the position the next day! Woot woot! I think my interviewer was admiring my curls just as much as I was 🙂


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  1. I bought these products at a meet and greet in Ann Arbor, MI 2 yrs ago. My hair tangled up and dried out sooo bad. Thank God I only got the small sizes because it is not cheap.

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