Yes, yes y’all, this will be the quantitative post on everything about the oh so popular Bobbi Boss Indi Remi hair, whether it’s natural yaki, ocean, french or soul wave, Jouelzy is always here to put you on. Because I get so, so many questions about the hair. It’s much easier to write it down in one place and be able to send a link, rather than re-write out the same response 50 times over. That or I’ll be sending everyone Mr. Cho’s email.

1. Bobbi Boss Indi Remi is available online or at your local beauty supply store (BSS) and yes it may be harder to find in the suburbs, but you can definitely find it online @

2. The hair for 12” should be around $75+/pack depending on the texture. Natural yaki is the cheapest, french wave is usually the more expensive.

3. It sheds, like every other BSS hair. You can prevent that shedding by sealing the weft with Aleene’s Stop Fray available at any arts + crafts or fabric store (like Michael’s or JoAnn’s Fabric). That will help A LOT with the shedding. And you can do that for any wefted hair.

4. To maintain the hair, all you need to is co-wash it. Simply washing it regularly with a good conditioner and combing through it with a wide tooth comb to detangle, should help you maintain the hair.

5. Yes, you can re-use the hair. I have re-used my soul and ocean wave hair more than twice. Sealing the wefts and the co-washes have helped greatly to preserve the hair for re-installs.

6. There is NO other BSS hair that I can recommend to replace Bobbi Boss ocean, french or soul wave. Outside of Bohyme (which tangles and sheds 10x worst), I haven’t found another brand that offers the quality in hair texture. You can possibly find alternatives to the natural yaki, as that is a straight texture hair. But I haven’t send another hair brand that blends as well as Indi Remi — aside from the Bohyme Brazilian Wave, which is the only afro-curly human hair texture on the BSS hair market.

7. What makes it so great? Well for BSS hair and the price point, it offers a great value. Medium to low luster, soft hair that comes in similar textures as those being peddled as “malayasian curly” (who’s been to Malaysia lately??). It’s accessible, affordable and looks good. I’m not getting paid to endorse Indi Remi, so you have another brand that your allegiance is bond to, two snaps and a clap for you.

Welp, that is all folks. Hope that helps with those who have purchased or attempted to purchase the hair.

– Jouelzy

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  1. Reviews like this one… precisely why I love you. You are my sister-friend in my head girl. LOL. I don’t wear weave as regularly as I used to and the market is saturated with all these “boutique” brand hair extensions. I used to swear by Indi Remi as an acceptable BSS alternative to buying bundles from some IG hustler you don’t know but I haven’t used it in a long while and googled reviews to see if what I thought lined up with other people and lucky me you had a review that I could have said word for word myself. Thanks!

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