Happy New Year all! The past few weeks, I’ve been bored and lazy as I’m in between jobs and still adjusting to living in the suburbs (blah!). So to get over my inertia, I’ve been working out via the Insanity program. That means lots of sweat and sweat = water. Water on my coarse hair = shrinkage. Shrinkage = not cute. But who’s finna let a lil bit of moisture get in the way of my healthy? Not I, said Jouelzy. I don’t even know how I decided to do this hair style. I knew that I didn’t want to be bothered. I knew that I didn’t want to spend more than 30 minutes post washing messing in my hair and I knew that I still wanted to be cute even if I wasn’t leaving the house (I mean I have an Instagram to maintain!!). So I decided to do a chunky bantu knot out.

IMG_2602Now, I’ve done a video on how to achieve a bantu knot out on 4C (coarse) hair. As I stated in the video, bantu knot outs have NOT been successful for me. I’ve tried them fifty million different ways and they either didn’t dry or my hair just came out limp and all types of no bueno. However, in my previous bantu knot out video I found a method that works for my hair texture. But, if you note in the video I did my knots very, very small and got really tight curls (that I loved). I’ve seen other people do the chunky bantu knot’s and get gorgeous beach wave type hair and I just had to give it another go using the same method I did in my video. My hair has gotten longer, I have a better grasps on what products to use to achieve certain looks and I’ve mastered the art of the bobby pin, so why not give this chunky look a try.

I’ve been dying to try this My Honeychild Type 4 Hair Creme, that I picked up from CurlMart via NaturallyCurly. I picked up because I’m a fan of nice packaging (which is so few and far between in the natural hair community) and it specifically said Type 4 Hair Creme! I must try this! Also, the packaging notes that this hair creme is not meant to define curls!!!!!!! Why am I excited about this? Because finally a hair company that’s up front and HONEST about the expectations of their products. You can’t define curls that don’t exist and if you have coarse texture or identify as Type 4 NO PRODUCT is going to make any sort of curls magically appear. You have to manipulate your hair and style it into curly styles (I’ve addressed this in previous videos). Reading the ingredient lists, I saw that it’s basically a whipped shea + olive butter mixture with tons of oils. So that means that I can skip the additional oil but just to satisfy my product overload self I decided to use a light leave-in conditioner with it, Karen Body’s Beautiful Hair Nectar (smells so divine). I co-washed my hair and let it air dry for about an hour. Then I simply applied the KBB Hair nectar (about a dime size) and a dab of the Hair Creme to each section before I put it in a bantu. I ended up with about 8 bantu knots in my hair. Tied a scarf on it and prayed that it wouldn’t be a disaster in the morning.

I work out in the morning and I sweat like a mad man. I sweat so much from my head that seriously, my face is the first part to lose weight. So having my hair in bantu’s saves it from the shrinkage. I shower post work out and then take my hair down and here is what I was left with on day 1.

4C Coarse Hair Bantu Knot Out
Day 1 Chunky Bantu Knot Out

Now Day 2, I was utterly lazy. So when I went to bed I just pineappled my hair and went to sleep. I did workout that morning, but I just wore my hair in a high puff for the day and was fine. I could of pulled my hair down and wore it out but I didn’t like how the back was hanging.

Day 2 Bantu Knot Out Puff
Day 2 Bantu Knot Out Puff

For Day 3 and 4 I did re-do my knots each night. Took about 10 minutes, you can do them bigger or smaller – the idea is that your really just doing it to keep your hair stretched. I only added a dab of extra product on Day 3 prior to re-knotting it. But that’s something that will totally depend on your hair’s moisture retention. Generally, I do think that the Type 4 Hair Creme is heavy enough that you shouldn’t have to moisturize every day. But if you find that you do, use VERY SMALL amounts. A little will more than go a long way. I could of worn it as a ‘fro both days, but I was having fun getting sassy with the bobby pins. Two snaps to that.

My HoneyChild Type 4 Hair Creme and Karen’s Body Beautiful Hair Nectar Leave-In Conditioner is available from CurlMart.com.

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  1. I know exactly what you mean. I’ve tried twistouts and Bantu knots with horrible outcomes, so I just stick to wash n gos. But now that I sort of know what product to use, I think I will give it another go. Looks great.

  2. I have become such a fan of yours…your tutorial videos are informative and have helped me retain major length.I am 4 yrs natural and it’s been emotional..many highs many lows…but learning is priceless.Thank you for your help and God bless you and yours:)

  3. I really enjoy your YouTube channel and I have tried the Bantu knots but my hair is past the TWA stage and is not quite long so I have problems with my 2nd and 3rd day hairstyles. I was wondering if you had any suggestions as to how to further maintain or maybe some hairstyles for the not so long.

  4. I love the Day 4 look! Side note–I think you meant could/would “have” not “of”.

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