Oy vey! I’m starting a new series where I will be highlighting my favorite products one by one, because no one (that’s a gross exaggeration) likes to hit that search feature on my channel and look up my previous, in great detail, favorite products video. The point is, I read the comments – sometimes to my own detriment cause as you can see on this video when I start replying ish gets rowdy – and I’ve noticed that consistently I get asked what my favorite product is. So rather than replying to every question with “check my channel” (that get’s old so fast) I’m doing this series. Even in my own snarky way, I still loves the people. This format should make it easier to find, digest, comprehend and deduce why I choose each product and how that’ is applicable to you and your hair needs.

I’m not advocating for you to go buy these products and add to your product junkism. Be an educated shopper and if you already have products to suit your needs, then save your coins. But please listen to why I choose these products, because if you’re in need for something similar and said product isn’t available in your area or to your wallet, then you can find alternative products with ease.

First up: SHAMPOO! Get that scalp clean girl with the As I Am Cleansing Pudding! This is my favorite non-sulfate shampoo. Now, not included in the video is my favorite sulfate shampoo, which definitely need to use after using products with silicone in them. Like when you flat iron your hair, as most heat protectants are chock full of silicone. My fav for that is the Dark & Lovely Au Naturale Hydrating Soak Shampoo. It gets my hair clean without leaving it super dry. And since I mainly use it post flatironning, it reverts my hair back with the quickness. Absolutely love it!

Watch the video below. Check my original quick review here.

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