4 Things I Need To Do Better With My 4C Natural Hair

4 Things I Need To Do Better With My 4C Natural Hair

September 5, 201510Comments


I have come a long way in my natural hair journey, in large part due to starting a YouTube channel. It’s really forced me to take time and care of my hair so that I can provide others with insightful information. It’s also opened me up to a lot of opportunity. But I still have quite a ways to go. So here’s a moment of honesty and 6 things I need to do better with my hair.

1. Detangle

I know that I know better, but I am the QUEEN of procrastinating. Somehow I intend to wash my hair at 4pm then I look up and the clock has struck midnight. So I end up doing a rushed job washing my hair, skipping the deep conditioning and half-stepping on the detangling. Really detangling your hair is one of the KEY ways to help foster hair growth and ensure that your styling process goes well. It definitely takes time and I need to ensure better time management so that I have the time to properly detangle my hair before every wash.

2. Protective Styling

Ugh, ugh….no, really….ugh. I am not a fan of up do’s, twists, or tuck and rolls on my head. First off, I have a big head, so I like big hair to camouflage my obtuse dome. And I have yet to see a natural hair protective style that allots for big hair. The closest I can do is my Marley braid bun, but what about when I want to be sexy and/or wild? Yeah, uhhhh. Braids are cool, but that’s time and money because I can’t do those on my own. But you know the one protective style I do LOVE…..WEAVES!!!!! I’ll be getting back to that for the winter.

3. Deep condtioning with steam

I own a closet full of deep conditioners. I own a Huetiful Hair Steamer. I have a DC that I LOVE. And yet, I’m still one lazy mofo who constantly skips out on DCing with a steamer (which has awesome-sauce results). Like setting up the steamer and waiting it for the water to boil…all 7 minutes of it is too much for me to endure. I will do better.

4.  Wrapping it up at night

I’m not that bad with making sure I have a silk scarf on at night, but I am bad at taking the time to wrap it properly so that I know my hair will be easy to style in the morning. Simply throwing a scarf on it, often isn’t that right way to wrap my hair up. Whether its moisturizing it at night or re-twisting it back down, I seem to always let the lazy bug bite me and say I’ll get to in the morning. Better time management will help with this.

Welp, that’s it for now. I’m writing it down and telling the masses so that I can put myself to the task and actually do better.

What are some of the things you know you need to do better with your hair?



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