Janelle Monae #ThePowerOfYet Performance on Sesame Street [Bonus Behind the Scenes]

Janelle Monae #ThePowerOfYet Performance on Sesame Street [Bonus Behind the Scenes]

September 12, 2014

Sesame Street performances are always a charm to see, so we were super excited to see the Electro Phi Beta lady herself, Janelle Monae, appear on a recent Sesame Street episode performing “The Power of Yet.” It’s a great message about keeping on keeping on until you get it. You might have failed before but you just haven’t gotten it yet, which means there’s always potential for you to succeed at in the future. That is what you get with the power of yet!

Billboard caught the behind the scenes of the Janelle Monae performance and spoke with Sesame Street musical director, Bill Sherman, about the shows musical selections:

“I always tell people we’re not trying to write for any particular age group,” says “Sesame Street” music director Bill Sherman, who also writes many of the shows songs, like “The Power of Yet.” “We’re trying to write for everybody. By using current pop artists on the show, it opens kids up to all those sounds. And it opens up those artists to a generation they may not have gotten to.”

Absolutely love the song and performance! It’s a great message that everyone can enjoy and appreciate. Check the behind scenes video and pictures below!



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