Kinky and curly hair extensions are in for the summer, but finding the perfect hair is almost impossible and finding affordable kinky hair…welp. It has to be able to survive the elements, be easy to maintain, have minimal shedding, and be worth the price. I decided to take a look at Youtube video reviews in search of the perfect summer hair. From curly to kinky, here are five looks where the quality actually matches the price.
ivy-her-curly-hair1. The perfect curly hair according to Ivy: Her Hair Company Brazilian Curly ($85-$140/ 12″-26″)

Although Ivy is giving a detailed review, I can’t stop drooling at the sight of her hair. Her technique is perfection. She discusses shedding, maintenance and everything that you need to know before you purchase the hair.

pure-estrogen-tvhf-plush-curl2. The Plush Curly Hair: The Virgin Hair Fantasy Plush Natural Curl ($650-$900/ 16″-20″)

Other vloggers have discussed custom U-part wigs from The Virgin Hair Fantasy costing $900? Yikes! I have tried the hair and can vouch for it. You can definitely save a buck by skipping on the service. I purchased their wefted hair and spent $430 on three bundles and a closure. I bought a 14 inch closure and 14, 16, and 18 inches of hair. The hair looks very natural, but failure to properly maintain it can cause severe shedding. Don’t sleep on these gorgeous ringlets if they are within your range.

jalessa-mercy-mongolian3. Where the kinks meet the curls: Mercy’s Hair Extensions Mongolian Kinky Curly Hair ($110-$170/ 12″-26″)

My jaw dropped when I saw these perfect ringlets of glory. I believe I have found my next hair. The definition is excellent. Jaleesa has given this hair the ultimate stress test and it survived. She has colored it and used heat, but look at how fabulous her hair is. I am in awe. Look in her description box for more details about what she has done with it so that you can get the full picture.

cin-ehm-kinky-mongolian4.  Hello 4c: EHM Hair Company: No-heat alternative (NHA) Malaysian Kinky Curly ($70-$150/ 10″-28″)

This kinkier variety of extensions is perfect for us 4b/4c naturals who are looking to fake it ’till we make it. It’s also great if you want to practice styling your natural hair without having to cause damage to your real hair. We all know the trial and error process can be stressful on our kinks. SimplyCin talks about the styles that she has achieved with her hair and  shares some amazing shots at the end of her video. The best part is the fact that blending is no longer a struggle.

makeeba-curly-janet5. Affordably kinky: Janet Collection Indi Remy Afro Jerry Curl ($19-$71/ 10″ s -16″)

Here’s one for the divas on a budget. Makeba is wearing this texture well. This hair is cheap compared to the standard price that you would expect to pay and has actually been around for years. I’ve tried this hair as well and can honestly say that it’s the smell that gets you. The processing to get that wet and wavy look may be the culprit, but proper washing can get rid of the smell. It sheds quite a bit and doesn’t fare well in a chlorinated pool. I have yet to find hair that does. You really must baby the hair in order to get optimal results. The bulk version of the hair can be used for crochet braids to achieve a very natural looking leave-out.

privstock6. Honorable mention: Private Stock Pure Beauty Hair ($128-$280/10″-36″)

Previously reviewed by Jouelzy on BHK, Private Stock Pure Beauty is a low maintenance weave that mimics Type 4 hair. It’s a bit on the pricey end but has a shelf life that makes it worth the price especially if you can catch a coupon/sale. Look out for Youtube reviews where coupon codes can often be found!

Maintenance, blending, and shedding are major issues when dealing with curlier textures. If that’s not bad enough, the price tag will likely make you gasp. Hopefully, one of these gorgeous styles could be your perfect fit.

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  1. I know I’m late and I have no idea if anyone will see this but…
    I would love to find some hair that is like mine that is kinky curly but will also straighten that isn’t indian or Malaysian. I like that hair but on my skin tone and the way the hair sits it looks fake. It’s too slick compared to my own hair and I’m not talking about leaving any of my hair out. Every time I see someone with a new weave I’m always looking at the texture when its straight and it is too slick for me. So I was wondering if there was a brand out there with a kinky curly texture that would also straighten like my hair would with the same texture? If that makes any sense…

    1. It makes perfect sense 🙂 I just found this brand today online…. Big Chop Hair. Apparently you can straighten it and it doesn’t look that unreal. I haven’t tried it myself, but thought I would pass on my findings.

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