Typically, my hair routine is very simple: wash, condition, braid and repeat. I don’t usually do a lot to my hair, but every once in a while I like to switch up my style. I get bored easily.

Recently, I tried some new products for my hair: Creme of Nature With Argan Oil From Morocco Moisturizing Milk Masque and Twirling Custard. The Masque is a deep conditioner, and the Custard is basically a styling gel-cream. I used these right before setting my hair in a flat twist-out. I also used the Twirling Custard to put my hair in two-strand twists, which is another style that I like to do sometimes. I thought maybe the gel would make the twists last a bit longer.


First, I want to mention the Milk Masque. I really liked the conditioner a lot. It’s a really heavy, thick cream. It absorbed really well in my hair, but I do feel like I had to use a lot of it to really coat my hair. However, that is probably because my hair is really thick and spongey and may not have anything to do with the product.

I like the consistency of this conditioner. It made my hair really soft and I was able to comb through each section surprisingly smoothly. I also really liked the way my hair felt after I rinsed the product out. Some conditioners, especially really heavy ones, leave this silky film on the hair and, even though it feels nice for a while, it’s hard to tell if the product is actually benefitting your hair in any way. With this conditioner, though, I felt like it brought out my hair’s natural softness, which is good. My hair felt soft and moisturized for about a day and a half without messing with it, but as far as maintaining moisture goes I’d say this wasn’t the best conditioner for that. I think this worked as an excellent detangler and provided a good amount of temporary moisture, but it wasn’t very long lasting. I did really like the scent, though. It’s really perfume-y, but it didn’t linger after I rinsed my hair.

This is my hair with the conditioner in it (top) and freshly washed without any product (bottom):

IMAG0977 IMAG0978

Here’s a close-up of my texture with the conditioner:



This is my hair after the product was rinsed out:


Overall, I like the conditioner. I like what it did for my texture, and I would definitely recommend it as a great detangling conditioner. I would say it is more of just an everyday conditioner rather than a deep conditioner, though, as it didn’t really give me the long-lasting moisture I’ve experienced with other conditioners.

Now, moving on to the Twirling Custard; my biggest complaint is the smell. It smells the same as the conditioner, and it doesn’t have a bad smell, but the smell is much stronger I think with the Custard. This product actually gave me a headache because the fragrance was so strong, and it really lingers. However, other than that I really like this product, too. The consistency is like a combination between a gel and a cream, which is weird but nice at the same time. I used it to set my twist-out and didn’t exactly get the results I was looking for. The directions say to use the product on wet hair so I used it on damp hair and set my flat twists overnight:

This is the end result:



I was a little disappointed with the way this style turned out. I didn’t get the shine or definition I was looking for. I ended up with more frizz than I would have had I not used any gels at all. My hair was really soft and bouncy—and it smelled great—but it wasn’t what I was expecting. I tried the Custard again with my individual twists and, again I was a little disappointed because I didn’t get the shine I was hoping for. However, I like the Custard much better for holding my twists together; they were smooth and soft and just very nice-looking in general. I also didn’t have as much frizz with the individual twists as I would have without any product in them. I also think this product would work well for slicking back hair. When I took my twists out, they were really defined and kind of cute, so I put on a headband and I used the Custard to keep the front smoothed down:


Then, I tried the gel again to smooth down my hair for a high poof. The gel made my hair smooth and helped it stay down a little bit, but the hold wasn’t very good and, still, no shine. Mostly, it just helped smooth out my hair for the bun. I will probably use this product more for smoothing my up-dos and things like that rather than setting twist-outs.

IMAG1004Overall, I really liked these products. The only problems I really had were with the Twirling Custard; the smell was a little overwhelming and I experienced less shine and more frizz than I was hoping for. I honestly don’t usually expect any products to add a great deal of shine to my hair because I just don’t have a very shiny grade of hair, however the jar does promise “exotic shine” and “no frizz” so I was a little hopeful:


Otherwise, I like the Custard and I really like the Masque. I experienced a lot of moisture with both of these products, which was great. I would definitely recommend the conditioner to anyone who’s looking for a good one.

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