#FollowTheStyle: YouTube Inspired Wedding Up-Do

#FollowTheStyle: YouTube Inspired Wedding Up-Do

#FollowTheStyle is where we try to recreate YouTube hairstyle tutorials and see how they turn out on every day women. Have you tried a YouTube tutorial? Tweet us your pics with #FollowTheStyle!

My sister got married this past weekend, so I decided to go on YouTube and find a classy hairstyle for the wedding. I had a lot of traveling to do, so I wasn’t going to have a lot of time to do my hair. There are a lot of tutorials online for really cute styles, but when you’re lazy and pressed for time like me, there aren’t a lot of options. Luckily I stumbled across this video by pashtash and decided to do this high bun style with a curly bang. I decided to do flat twists for my bang instead of the two-strand twists she does in the video because I like the curl I get from flat twists a little better. I also didn’t twist the back because I wanted a more even, smooth bun look. I started with co-washed hair that I had twisted and let dry overnight.

  • parting the bangFirst I parted a bang section in the front of my hair and clipped it out of the way.
  • Next, I used my spray bottle to spritz my hair with water and I picked out the back because I wanted my poof in the back to be smooth.
  • After the back section was all picked out, I smoothed the back forward with a mix of coconut and olive oils, and some Smooth ‘N Shine mousse.
  • Then, I pulled my hair into a bun. I just used a stocking leg that I cut into a hairband and I tied it and wrapped it around my bun so you couldn’t see the ends.
  • Then parted up my front section and set it in flat twists. I just wrapped the ends of the twists around themselves so my ends would be curly. I let the twists set overnight. I just slept with a satin bonnet over my head.
  • In the morning I carefully unraveled the twists and shaped the curls.

I think the style turned out well. My bang was really full and curly, and my ponytail looked smooth but it was still soft. I think if I do it again, though—and I probably will—I’ll use less hair in my bang and I’ll twist to the opposite side of my part to make the bang a little less thick and in my face. I do think it turned out cute though. Finished Style:

IMAG0804 IMAG0790




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