A month or two ago, daughter and I came across naturalista Breanna aka Mini Marley’s YouTube channel and immediately daughter tripped into the realm of admiration for this young lady’s vibrant personality, creative hairstyles and easy to follow tutorials making achieving the look(s), well … relatively easy. One style in particular grabbed Nia’s attention because daughter had found it rather challenging to achieve this look even if her hair were wet. With a few tips and tricks offered in the video along with Nia incorporating one or two of her own, daughter mastered the style. The result was a deliciously, fantabulously laid bun that turned heads, garnered stares and prompted hair care and styling exchanges. It is a beautiful thing to experience the sense of community and connectedness our natural hair encourages within our culture and others.

As always the products used in achieving Nia’s look were from the Natural Oasis line and also a combination of homemade flaxseed and Eco Styler Argan Oil styling gels to obtain the sleek, wavy look. Daughter rocked this style for a little more than a week, wrapping her head at night with a satin head tie to maintain the do, while adding a bit of Natural Oasis oil and a touch of gel to the edges in the mornings.

Be sure to check out Breanna’s YouTube channel. Also, please feel free to share (post) your variations on the bun, ponytails or the Minnie Mouse / Princess Leia (whatever you decide to call that particular two-bun style, without question, it is cute).

Published by Michelle Richardson

ItsSimpleMR (Michelle Richardson), author of the contemporary series Experience Life from a Different Perspective, believes there is so much more to people of color than currently depicted in all forms of media. Through written word, speaking engagements, one-on-one or group sessions, Michelle is determined to show a more positive side to our relationships. For more about Michelle, visit her  website.

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